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Yo minna!

Greetings everyone!

This is Deneuve. I’m gonna be a “part time” blogger here. Please bear with my stream of consciousness / messy kind of writing. I tend to be disorganized when I write.

A little bg about my kind of anime:
-slice of life
-romance (any type of couple and yes that includes yuri and yaoi but worry not because I don’t plan on defiling this site. ;p )
sci-fi scifi science fiction
-supernatural / paranormal
-feel good
-ANYTHING with a great plot / meaning / concept / idea


  1. Kairu says: September 24, 20096:45 pm

    What’s the problem with sci-fi huh?

  2. Deneuve says: September 24, 20097:46 pm

    Nothing really. I’m just not sure if it’s written as scifi or sci-fi, so I wrote the whole word.

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