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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – So long…yet so short

yuukiIt’s been a while since I’ve shed buckets of tears because of an anime… I’d say the ending of the anime left me awe-stricken. I didn’t knew where to place myself if such thing would happen as well to myself.

Hardships and obstacles are common place in life and these would test our mettle and on how we view life itself. Death of a loved one is one of these setbacks that might hinder us from progressing forward, but then again it might be an event as well that would help us go forward. It is just a matter of our choices, and as for Mirai, I’m glad she was able to overcome that reproachful feeling that she herself might have caused Yuuki’s death.

Sometimes, there are moments when what matters most is always the present, whatever might have happened during the past. Just like how Mirai’s parents took into consideration the fact that she made it alive is already noteworthy. This perspective doesn’t necessarily tells us to abandon and forget what happened on us during the past because all those things we picked up along the path have their own purpose, which is why we got from where we are now. Same as why Yuuki stayed along Mirai’s side up until she got home and met their parents, maybe it was an allusion to Mirai’s feelings of how she treasures and cherishes all those experience and emotions she felt and learned during that short journey the three of them, Mari-san, Yuuki, and she, had went all through, all together.

I don’t know if I should be focusing more on tackling whether the Yuki the viewers kept on seeing is a ghost or just a manifestation of Mirai’s hallucination. Really, it’s hard to judge the situation. Even so, I can tell by the looks of it that Yuuki really is the catalyst of the series. His death is the major plot tool which helped Mirai changed into how she used to be before the tragedy took place. The past Mirai is very insensitive and doesn’t appreciate her family but just like what we’ve seen from the last episode, she finally gain the courage to give them importance — All because it was too late for her to take notice of an important person, his own little brother, Yuuki.

Yuuki’s email was very heart-aching. It’s as if Mirai wanted time to regress… and we all know that it would be impossible. Lost of a loved one is that painful that we often wish and hope that time would turn back so that we’ll be able to spend and recur those happy moments with them without regrets. Then again, it won’t happen and that’s why the least we can do is to care for their memorabilia, and as for Yuuki’s case, his bag, which contains Mirai’s cellphone that has Yuuki’s message on it consisting his last set of wishes for Mirai and their parents, and that is to enjoy the fact that their family is still intact together and to achieve all those things Yuuki had wanted to do before he passed away. This is such a sad thing, because they all should have done this before it was too late for Yuuki. Yes, time is such a harsh opponent once we neglect its existence.

Defnitely, all of Yuuki’ hard work and endurance finally paid off during that journey. Those last set of words Mirai uttered… Yuuki was finally acknowledged by his own sister, and more than that, that Mirai is happy Yuuki was born as his little brother. A common place again whenever someone we love passes away, we just appreciate them the moment they are gone from our lives. I guess this is one of those several lessons, we also take for granted, or should I say forget to remember because we don’t want to think of that very moment they’ll be leaving from our side. Even though we don’t take it for granted, I don’t think it’ll guarantee us from grieving someone’s death. The only thing I can think of is to move forward while bringing with yourself the feelings the two of you have shared.

Eventually, those wounds will be healed(however long it may take), and even though there are scars that would be left from it, this will remind us the things we’ve dearly lost. I think it’s clearly okay.

image credit: pixiv user 野茂。

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