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Detective Conan – OVA 9 – The Stranger from 10 years later

This is definitely the best OVA so far of Detective Conan.

I just love the idea it introduced to the series since it can be viewed as the “bad end” for it.

The series introduces the concept of Conan/Shinichi failing in pursuing the Black Organization, in which he lived for almost 10 years already, and took the prototype antidotes for APTX4869 until he finally developed an immunity to it, implying he wasn’t able to go back to Shinichi ever again. — Which is rather confusing for me since if his current age is already the age when the old Shinichi drank the drug, then the drug he must take is useless… or was it not, if the “antidote” for the said drug is actually an aging drug. Right?

Hypothetically and relating it to the series itself, even I don’t think Conan still has the chance to go back into being Shinichi again because of the properties of the antidote that has been so far developed by Haibara. Then again, no one knows how Gosho Aoyama plans to finish the series.

Shinichi is… basically gone for good in this OVA. Then again, who would have cared except for Ran? This is a very sad ending for Ran if ever it’ll happen since it was implied in the ending that Ran decided that she’ll wait again for another 10 years just for Shinichi — which is rather impossible and futile if Conan would still continue in disguising as Shinichi in phone calls for YEARS without even seeing him, might as well Ran noticing that herself.

Of course, Shinichi himself is troubled by this that is was a pity seeing what he is now compared to Hattori which is a famous detective already and can be implied already engaged to Kazuha, as he saw it on a television interview. On the other hand, Ran is currently facing a dilemma wherein she is to decide whether she would accept Araide-Sensei’s proposal for marriage — which I said earlier, she decided to decline.

This might be a good call for Ayumi and Haibara since Ran would have accepted the fact that Conan is not Shinichi for all those years he chose not to tell what really happened because of the Organization. Telling Ran just now would just make it more complicated if ever Black Organization still exists.

Also, it was weird since Conan had lived as a freeloader ever since, I doubt Kogoro would ever drop the subject of Conan going back to his parents already after so many years of being a freeloader(and also for helping him in solving cases).

And—, I forgot to tell you that this was only Shinichi’s nightmare after taking another prototype antidote of Haibara which has a side effect if it was taken with a relatively high body temperature (since Conan got convenient colds for the drug testing).

The last scene of the nightmare was very sad… After Conan knew about the marriage proposal (thanks to Sonoko), Conan immediately searched for Ran and left to look for places that left an impression in their relationship since Sonoko mentioned Ran was still resolving her feelings in their place of memories. He tried visiting Tokyo Tower, Tropical Land and even in the hotel where Shinichi planned to confess his feelings to Ran . Out of desperation, he finally settled to go home when he saw Ran contemplating in the library of his house and saw Ran crying… And finally deciding that waiting for Shinichi for another ten years will be just fine…

Conan started being delirious because of what he had seen in his nightmare, such as imagining seeing the adult versions of the people around him. For the first time in his life, Shinichi admitted that he felt better right after he changed back to Conan and not when he turned into Shinichi. I sure hope this doesn’t get out of hand XD
image credit: pixiv user はるはし

  1. Kriselle says: July 20, 200911:35 pm

    … which means you’ve watched all 9 OVAs of Conan? I never even knew that DC had an OVA. /fail (By the way, it’s kind of amazing that your site is the second hit that appears in google when you search for detective conan ova9. So cool – this is as of 07/28, btw)

    /For the first time in his life, Shinichi admitted that he felt better right after he changed back to Conan and not when he turned into Shinichi./

    Wait– does the series end with Conan turning back to Shinichi? And then he changes back to Conan? What happened? I’m sorry, this last part is kind of confusing @_@ (This is considering that while he was having the nightmare, he’s already Shinichi… I’m very sorry if I’m confusing – it’s been a VERY long time since I’ve watched the series @_@)

    • foomafoo says: July 21, 20098:28 pm

      The series haven’t ended yet actually but so far, Conan was able to change back temporarily to Shinichi through the prototypes of the antidote.

      In his nightmare, he was still Conan but 10 years ahead because as what I’ve written, the OVA9 depicts the future of Conan if he won’t be able to catch the Black Organization and fails to retrieve the original drug to make the antidote for the drug that shrunk him. 😉

  2. hazy says: September 7, 20095:12 pm

    Lol @ “bad end” – that’s a nice image of Conan and Haibara in the corner. xDD

    I agree, this is the best DC OVA so far for me too. It was nice to finally take a little peek at the possibility of Conan never being able to turn back to Shinichi. Poor Ran though, if that ever happens.

    • foomafoo says: September 11, 20091:32 am

      Yeah, poor Ran that is, although it somehow makes me want to explore more of what could be the possibilities for Conan and Haibara. (or if not, even for Ayumi <3)

  3. Biedermeierstrauss says: February 7, 201012:56 am

    Long time ago a watched this series, but in my opinion that was the best Detective Conan OVA! Funny picture by the way. 🙂

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