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Baccano! – Stupid Commotion

And so, I finished watching 16 episodes of the anime so far. I’m still looking forward for further OVAs as well.

The story is very whimsical. You won’t really be ready what to watch out for in this anime because the cliffhangers from the previous episode doesn’t really connect that much to that of the next episode. Also, The narrative way used in the anime was In medias res so flashbacks and time lapses between events are so prevalent.

The first episode didn’t really amaze me or what since I’ve been so confused actually who and what to follow. What will keep you on watching the series would be how the plot progresses. The holes on every episodes which will be patched up by the next one, which has holes again which will patched up again by the next, and so on.

The talk between Carol and the Vice-editor actually interest me a lot since their topic is about the main character of the story. Well, it seems trivial but it’s actually quite difficult if you think of it. First, the main character must possess the characteristics you want him to show and most of all, what will become of him in the story. Others often fail on the second because it’s quite easy to think of how the character will appear and act in front of everyone although the idea of how his character will develop is another thing to consider.

I really don’t know why there are lot of “main” characters from the series since I don’t really think that all of them are supposed to be. If I’ll choose to demote some into secondary, that would be the Gandor Brothers because they haven’t really done anything so important. Even Lua, she’s not that important either. She even barely spoke throughout the series when she’s not like Chane. Rachel actually just made it into the borderline since she was the one responsible for disclosing some scenes from Flying Pussyfoot. Eve and Dallas didn’t made any impact in the story as well aside from Eve being a live bait and Dallas being a retarded henchman.

The scope of the “alchemists” in this show is different from the typical alchemists you’ll find from FMA since they focus on immortality. Philosopher’s stone actually doesn’t only allow “tax-evaded” transmutation but also immortality and that’s what the FMA lacks. I actually didn’t know that Firo is part of the alchemists/mafia faction during the first episode so the scene where his fingers got slashed and healed back soo fast was O_O.

The cast of Baccano is really bizarre since it is composed of blend of distinct characters. The strength of the cast would be infinite possibilities that might happen to the characters which was somehow mentioned by the Vice-editor at the ending, one of its premise would be the undefined ending. As for Baccano, I think it really is wise for them to have it end early since I can say that perpetual ongoing of the show would lead to train wreck due to a lot of substantial yet numerous events that lot of characters will invoke(since it’s impossible to have an event where absolutely everyone is there, okay– not really impossible but improbable). I’d like to praise the comedy duo of this show as well since I really enjoyed Isaac and Miria’s company throughout the show. I think they helped a lot to ease the tension building up in the Flying Pussyfoot.

For the weakness of the show, I think it failed to emphasize other characters that they included as a “main character.” Well, this really is the problem of the show since it has numerous characters. Well, the light novel isn’t finished yet so we can still expect some OVAs but as of now, it still fails to evenly distribute the focus on each character since I can say that the alchemists had the most exposure, even until the end (16 ep, that is). The author should have decided early on to make them the protagonists.

I really like how Baccano! was told especially how the events became interrelated and intersected with each event. It was somehow funny to find the characters conveniently present in the place but this whimsical characteristic of the show makes it an awesome watch for those craving for action and plot-twisted events. Even I had a hard time grasping what I’ve watched so far.

  1. would says: May 6, 20092:45 am

    after all its genre is mindf*ck

  2. blissmo says: May 6, 20092:51 pm

    I loved this series! It’s probably the first anime I’ve ever really fallen in love with. I enjoyed everything about it. But I must admit, the first episode was rather “say wahh-?”; however, I read pretty good reviews about it so I continued watching. Then it turned out to be really good. I don’t really worry about who the main character is since I think it’s more of a how-different-people-connect kinda thing. My favourite character is Firo, and my favourite pairing is Chane with that … Rail Tracer dude. I totally cannot remember any of their names any more! I hope there will be more OVAs, but you’re right in saying that it might just ruin the series so far. I mean, I’m satisfied with the 16 episodes 😀

  3. El Bastardo says: August 9, 200910:21 pm

    Damn I heard (and read) so much about the show already and even saw it in “Top 5” lists.

    Some time I have to just watch it!!

  4. foomafoo says: August 14, 20097:34 pm

    Just to clear up the subtopic regarding the FMA in the post, I was referring to the old one not the new Brotherhood series where Immortality is an evident topic.

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