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DC Movie 1 – Time Bombed Skyscraper

It’s May 4 today so this post is for poetic purposes – grammar & spelling check would be later XD This is composed of 3592 words so please consider taking breaks if you are planning to read it.

DC MOVIE 1 – Time Bombed Skyscraper

The very first scene was about a related murder but I won’t discuss about it anymore. It is just about another murder where you’ll witness Kogoro’s idiocy and Conan’s brilliance. The only connection the murder would play in the main plot would be the place which is the Kurokawa residence. Please remember that place. The evidence needed to prove the murder was somewhat petty since the culprit stepped on a droplet of blood on the floor while committing the murder. Well then, please be careful next time you want to commit a crime.

The conventional part that takes place during DC movies would be the usual summary, introducing the people that knows Conan’s secret and introducing the gadgets.Also, it will always end thru Conan’s famous quotation which is “真実 わ いつも 一つ” (There is always only one truth) – something like that.

Sadly, Haibara is still not present during Movie 1.

Dates are somewhat important in this movie so I’ll just add the date marks for the events.

– April 26 –

The story will then continue at Prof. Agasa’s house wherein Conan is seen busy sorting the fan letters to be forwarded to his father. As Conan sort the letters, he felt rather dejected because there is no single letter for him which made him think Shinichi Kudo is already a forgotten name. As he blabber, he saw a letter addressed to him by this some person name Moriya Teiji. The letter contains an invitation to a tea party that will be held at Moriya Teiji’s house. As explained by Prof. Agasa in the movie, Moriya Teiji is a professor of architecture at Touto University and a prominent architect in Japan although it still appears puzzling why Moriya Teiji invited Shinichi to this party.

Of course, we all know Conan can’t come as Shinichi in the party so the next thing he did was to ask Ran to come for him to the party instead but as an exchange to an agreement with Ran which is, they would watch an all-night movie marathon together on the coming Saturday. Well, it is still impossible but Ran insisted that it must be next Saturday(May 3). Ran also asked Shinichi what color he likes between red and blue and so Shin answered red(since it was Ran’s favorite color). Their phone conversation ended when Kogoro asked Ran for the dinner so she was forced to drop the call without Shinichi rejecting the offer for May 3.

After the phone call ended, Conan was puzzled again why the movie thing should be on May 3 but as he think of what May 3’s importance really is, he met Inspector Megure along the way together with a new assigned officer. This new officer was introduced as Detective Shiratori and this was his first appearance before he became a regular cast on the series.

Conan went home right after that and asked Ran what’s with May 3 so Ran told Conan that May 4 is Shinichi’s birthday so she is planning to surprise him when May 3 hits midnight with a present(baaaw, that’s not a surprise anymore). Anyway, what a protagonist, he doesn’t even remember his own birthday. Also, Conan had a spooky expression when he found out that the movie they would watch is a chick-flick entitled “The Legend of the Red Thread”. Even so, Kogoro didn’t allow Ran’s idea because the movie was all-night, giving Kogoro the indecent idea. Ran just reasoned out that Shinichi forgets his own birthday every year so what she’s doing is just reminding him or else he’s getting older for nothing(I find this scene funny because Conan on the other hand said that he actually ironically became younger that year). To evade the topic, Ran changed it to Moriya Teiji’s party. Kogoro shortly agreed to go after some provocations from Conan.

– April 29 –

And so, Kogoro, Ran and Conan all went together to the tea party and they finally met the man himself. Ran explained that they were asked to come on Shinichi’s behalf. As they enter the garden where the party is being held, they notice that people gathered were all celebrities. Okay, to summarize, Moriya Teiji asserted in one of the conversations that young artists these days have lost their artistic touch and so, they must take the responsibility for the ir own works. This is the problem when someone is a damn perfectionist. After this, Moriya Teiji conducted a trivial quiz among his guests where Conan won so he received the reward along with Ran which is a tour to Moriya Teiji’s special gallery.

As they enter the gallery, pictures of Moriya Teiji’s designed houses and other edifices were framed and attached to the wall although he is somewhat ashamed of his few works during his early 30’s.

The conversation that happened in the gallery will play a big part in the end so I’ll add it up here. Ran unintentionally told Moriya Teiji that she’ll be meeting with Shinichi on his birthday to go to watch the movie. She also mentioned that both of them like the color red(which is coincidentally the lucky color for the month of May). After Ran’s conversation with Moriya Teiji, Conan was reminded that he hasn’t consider anything yet about his birthday. Also, Ran added that the place they’ll be watching the movie would be in Beika City Building(precisely at Cinema 1 lobby May 3, 10pm).

– May 3rd –

Ran left the house in the afternoon to go and buy the supposedly surprise present for Shinichi as a present (red polo shirt). And so, Conan sought Prof. Agasa’s refuge for his problem about how to meet Ran(Conan even asked Prof. Agasa to make a robot Shinichi). Between the conversation. a flash news is being broadcasted in the television about a theft of large quantity of explosives particularly HMX or Octogen. Next on the news was a large fire at Kurokawa’s residence which is an arson case by the same culprit. As Prof. Agasa and Conan listen to the news, a phone call for Shinichi Kudo was answered by Prof. Agasa.

Well, not that surprising, the caller is actually said that he is the one that stole the explosives, in which case, he might also be the probable culprit for the subsequent arson cases. The perpetrator asked Shinichi his mobile phone number and so Shin was forced to give it to track the perpetrator. After this, Shin was ordered to take his phone with him and go to Greenbelt Park near Teimuzu River(wherever that is) because the perpetrator said he’s going to show Shin something interesting. The perpetrator even threatened Shin that if he doesn’t hurry, some children will die.

So, after the phone call, Conan hurriedly came to the park. The Shounen Tantei-dan is seen playing with a remote controlled plane. Conan saw them and asked what’s with the toy so Mitsuhiko told him that a man with a mustache and beard gave it to them and said that it is a “bomber” or so. When Conan asked for the controller, Genta(he annoys me a lot) said that he’s the one next in the turn so Conan should wait but Conan said that there is a bomb attached in the plane so Mitsuhiko and Genta panicked causing the controller to fall and break the antenna. Conan ordered them to run but the three ran to the wrong direction. As a result, Conan was forced to to use his powah shoes to kick the controller and hit the plane. *boom* It was an orange explosion so Conan inferred that it was a plastic explosive.

Right after that, the culprit called back to ask where is Kudo since the culprit saw just a kid from his lookout. Then again, he doesn’t care so the situation calls for another bomb that will explode at precisely 1:00 at Beika Station(15 minutes remaining). Conan asked for a hint because he said he’s just a kid so the culprit told him that the bomb is “under the tree”(not necessarily buried). Also, the culprit added that if Conan doesn’t hurry, someone might walk off with it.

Conan began the search through glancing the area where there are trees but there is nothing so what he did is to observe from a second floor of a fast food restaurant. He saw an old woman picking up a case under a bench which contains an abandoned cat and so, the old woman left, carrying the cat alongside with the case. As the old woman walk away, Conan was able to decode the hint given to him which is “under the tree” which is roots(“根っこ” – read as nekko), as we all know… “猫” (neko) – means cat… Conan tried chasing the old woman but she already rode on a taxi so Conan chased her through his skateboard(currently 4 minutes before 1:00) which died out too soon because it hit the ground just a while ago when he ran to the pedestrian while the light is green(please don’t try it!). Good thing there’s a convenient bicycle so he borrowed it for the mean time. Conan took a shortcut, cutting the distance between the taxi and the bike he is riding so he made past the taxi during the curved path. As soon as he blocked the taxi, Conan immediately went inside the taxi to get the case before it explodes. As he opens it, only 26s is left before it explodes although Conan is currently out of option where to detonate it. Surprisingly,  the countdown stopped during 16s so Conan hurriedly drove off to an empty lot and hopped from the bicycle before it exploded. Because of the explosion, Conan was thrown by the strong wind force until his head hit a near tree and became unconscious. Meanwhile in the shopping district, Ran finally was able to decide and choose the polo shirt she’s going to give to Shin.

Prior to the accident a little while ago, Conan is still unconscious in a hospital under the supervision of the district police alongside Kogoro, Prof. Agasa and the Shounen Tantei-dan. And then, Conan shortly woke up while having Kogoro wanting to do some rants and interrogation. Well, Conan’s situation is not that serious so he can be discharged already for tomorrow. As the doctor get out of the room, Inspector Megure(together with Shiratori), who is waiting outside during the whole time, promptly went inside to begin the investigation.

As Conan retell what had happened so far, he also added that the culprit is actually calling on Shinichi’s cellphone(cellphones are not allowed in hospitals, in Japan that is). Even so, Megure said that they are not on the main building so cellphones are allowed in there. Meanwhile, Kogoro is annoyed because Shinichi is so irresponsible for letting Conan do such a task for him. And, just as Conan had thought of, the plane and the case really has a trace of plastic explosive. The current thing being discussed right now would be why the hell did the timer stopped during the 16s interval. As deducted by the officers, the culprit must have a grudge against Shin and the timer malfunctioned/ has a remote controlled function.

Because the perpetrator uses a voice masking gadget, it was also inferred by Conan that the culprit is somehow acquainted to him. As the discussion progress, Prof. Agasa asked instead what case among the cases that Shin solved attracted the most attention. Megure told everybody that it was the case involving the ex-mayor of the Nishitama City(I won’t further expand). Because of this, the mayor was removed from his office and his plan to rebuild the city was postponed. It was a coincidence though that the son’s mayor might have done it since the son’s course was electronic engineering. Megure asked the Shounen Tantei-dan once again about any additional info about the perpetrator so Ayumi added that the culprit somehow smelled sweet. After that, Ayumi and the other left to go home.

Right after Shounen Tantei-dan left Conan’s room, the perpetrator called again… This time, it’s Kogoro’s time to show off since Conan is still in recovery state. The (5) bombs this time were planted in Touto Circular Railway. The hints were:

The bomb will explode after four o’clock if the trains run slower than 60 kilometer per hour.

If it was get rid of by sunset, it’ll explode.

So, the first things first, Megure called the train station about the situation. Meanwhile, call it lucky or unlucky, Ayumi and the others barely made it inside the train in their way home… Okay, okay action all the way. The train’s chief of operations ordered that all trains should run at 70km/h. All trains at the station should set off at once and there would be non-stop run until the bombs are found. The Shounen Tantei-dan is as of now, trapped inside the train.

Under the current circumstances, the trains are already non-stop running in more than 30 minutes so it is already getting a lot of attention from the media. Also, ruckus inside the trains had began piling up because of the freaking passengers. And so, finally solved the mystery with the help of Prof. Agasa’s idea about his solar skateboard. Conan immediately called Inspector Megure to reveal the location of the bombs which is — between the rails. The thing is, the bombs were set that if there is no light detected for certain number os seconds, it will detonate so as the trains pass by, it is obstructed so the thing to do would be to divert the trains into other rail track.

Okay, as the trains are being diverted into other tracks, the song “Kimi ga Ireba” is being played…And so passengers safely got off the 21 trains. And so, the bombs were also found as instructed by Shinichi(between the rails). Baaw,  it is still not the ending! The total as of yet of the used plastic explosives out of the stolen ones was just quarter! There are still 3/4s remaining T_T.

Because of the incident, Kogoro inferred that the perpetrator doesn’t live near the stations of the Touto Circular Line. In which case, Kogoro has reminded of the moment the timer stopped so he thought that the culprit lives near the area but no one was suspicious after the investigation. Meanwhile, Conan asked where particularly the bombs were found. Megure said that there was one on the top of a bridge on the Sumida Canal. Conveniently, it is currently being shown in the television so Conan remembered that he saw the picture in the special gallery of Moriya Teiji.

Now, now, things are getting more clearer since Conan also remembered that the places where the arson cases happened were also buildings designed by Moriya Teiji. Meanwhile, Ran finally finished shopping together with Sonoko and already preparing to go to Beika City Building… After the investigation about the arson cases(as recommended by Conan), Inspector Megure was surprised that they were all designed by the man himself(Moriya Teiji). And so, Kogoro concluded that the culprit must be someone that has a grudge against Moriya Teiji. As the party(composed of Kogoro, Conan, Megure and Shiratori) decided go to Moriya Teiji’s residence, they passed along the place where the timer stopped momentarily (which is a children park).

They’ve finally arrived to Moriya Teiji’s house. As each of the adults continue to converse with each other, Conan wandered inside the house to investigate(so, he went to Moriya Teiji’s gallery). Conan finally noticed the common denominator among the arson cases. Conan also discovered a small diorama of Moriya Teiji’s vision of new Nishitama City. Because of this, Conan finally understand why he’s the one being targeted by Moriya Teiji (Shin was the reason why the rebuilt of the city was postponed due to the mayor’s case he solved, leaving all his plans for the new city canceled.). As expected from the plan, all structures were perfectly symmetrical. Conan also noticed the lamp post design which resembles the one in the children park. Now, Conan went to Moriya Teiji’s study to look for evidences to prove the crime. He also noticed a lighter-like thing in the study. In the meantime, Megure, and the others are still discussing with each other about the possible culprit. So, the moment they stood up to leave, Conan called Megure and have them assemble in the gallery. Meanwhile, Moriya Teiji, made a stop over on his study room to pick up his lighter-like thing. After that, the four went to the gallery. As the four arrive in the gallery, Shin called Megure again for the deduction show part… okay, loudspeaker, hands free speaker please…

But then, Kogoro butt in and claimed that Shiratori was in fact the culprit (haha, anyway). Back to Shin. Shin finally said that the perpetrator was actually Moriya Teiji himself. As what Moriya Teiji himself said from the party, which is “Many young artists these days have lost their artistic touch! They must take the responsibility for their own works.” This statement explains why Moriya Teiji intentionally erases his past works during his early 30’s(well, please don’t ask how Shinichi knew that even though he wasn’t from the party). After that, Shinichi asked Inspector Megure to look at the houses that were burned and the bridge. It’s already mentioned many minutes ago already and it has something to do with symmetry. It was explained then that the challenge for Kudo was just to camouflage Moriya Teiji’s primary motive which is to erase his imperfect designs.

Now, for the evidence — Conan made some fabricated disguise parts of the bomber(made of the decorative hair of the helm from the study) so Moriya Teiji accidentally spilled that the true disguise attire was actually hidden his study. And then! Some gutsy action from the perpetrator. It turns out that the lighter-like thing from the study was actually the switch to detonate the bombs planted around the mansion. Conan is somewhat kill joy because he interrupted and said that it won’t explode since it has no batteries… Also, Moriya Teiji doesn’t use lighter to light his pipe… Also, as an addition, the sweet smell that Ayumi mentioned minutes ago was the smell from the pipe.

Haha, sadly, there is still one more building he wants to erase… and that would be.. tada! The Beika City Building where Ran is… And so, it was seconds before 10pm and explosions on the lobby occurred, just the right time when Ran arrived in the lobby. Meanwhile, Conan noticed some sheets of paper beneath Moriya Teiji’s clothing so he tackled Moriya Teiji and retrieved the blueprint of the bomb(conveniently). And so, Conan went and “gave it to Shinichi”. The explosions continued blocking the entrance and exits of the lobby. Conan, hurriedly entered the building to save Ran.

As Conan approached the lobby and called Ran through the local phone which is conveniently(again) still functional. Even so, the only possible door can’t be open because it was warped due to the explosions. And so, Conan ask whether Ran sees any suspicious object in the lobby (and so, Ran saw one and told Shinichi that it has a digital clock! (Oh come on, Ran! That’s obviously a bomb T_T) Shinichi warned Ran to be careful since it is in fact, a bomb. Anyway, Ran carelessly lifted it and didn’t exploded so there must be no vibration censor or anything like that…(42minutes remaining). So~ according to the pile bunkers, fifth floor which must be the floor where Ran and the big bomb is located, is so buried in rubble so it will be a lil while longer before they’ll reach it.

So, Conan asked whether Ran brought any scissors with her… Now, now, Rab has to disarm teh bomb herself…Okay, Ran continued to cut the wires one by one and but the last one which is the black wire but the countdown is still not stopping. There is also still 2 wires remaining. a blue one and a red one… And so, the bell rang.

– May 4 –

It’s already May 4! 3 minutes more before the bomb explodes… Ran unexpectedly said Happy Birthday to Shinichi… And so, Conan said to cut and choose any color she likes because they’ll be dead anyway if the time runs out. If it’s the wrong one, then they die together…

Then again, another explosion caused some debris to fall on the spot where both of them were staying… Also, that moment, the pile bunkers finally reached the 5th floor and thus, having Conan carried away by the rescue team.

Conan then remembers that Ran unintentionally said that their lucky colors for the month was red in front of Moriya Teiji so the probability that Ran would cut it is high. Although, the pile of rubble caused Conan’s sound not to reach Ran so it’s finally up to Ran alone what to cut between the two wires. And so, Ran finally decided what to cut and… the time has stop… Also, she cut the blue wire  in case you’d like to know.

Ran was finally rescued so she sought for Shinichi but the first person she saw was Conan. Conan said that Shinichi must have left already because of the ruckus.

Okay, for the last time, Conan asked(“care of Shinichi”) why did Ran cut the blue one? Ran answered that she didn’t want to cut it. After all, the red thread might be connected to Shin :).

Ending credits~ ED “Happy Birthday”. hoho. Happy Birthday to Conan.

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