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Touch – Anime Review

I’ve never really heard of this anime before not until I wandered to Adachi universe. I’ve watched 2 classic anime so far before I watched this so I just don’t know any other good classic anime(s) other than the two(namely Maison and Kimagure).

Spoiler Alert!

I hated a LOT of characters in this show. I don’t know if the author wants the viewers to feel that way but a lot characters really annoyed me when it comes to conversing with Tatsuya. During the Part I of the story, Koutarou is the most pesky one. It is already given that Tatsuya is going low profile for the sake of his brother but none of these lousy characters understand him a bit! Koutaro keeps on calling Tatsuya “baka aniki”. The only side character I ever appreciated would be Harada because he was partly responsible for Tatsuya’s maturity. What the anime exhibits during the Part I is the most infuriating situation when it comes to sibling relationship. The comparison factor. This is the thing that I can somehow relate to. Isn’t it just stupid? I just can’t blame Tatsuya for pretending as a rotten apple when people around him really sees him as inferior to his younger brother. Tatsuya’s personality of being passive is already innate so competing with other people is not in his vocabulary. People just can’t see his altruism towards his own brother. Luckily, Minami can clearly see it since they were together since childhood. Tatsuya’s character development as a passive and carefree teenager into a pertinent and mature character is one of the eye catch of the story because one can see his struggle to achieve Kazuya’s promise to Minami while considering the people who are around him. It can still be seen until the end that Tatsuya is still considering Kazuya’s feelings towards Minami before he became resolved to be the man for Minami.

Meanwhile, Minami might seem to be the perfect girl for anyone but that doesn’t seem to be the case. She was portrayed as a pretty and responsible character, kind to others and especially to the Uesugi twins. Actually, she has her own flaw in the story. One of which would be her inconsistent commitment. Even though Minami chose gymnastics in the end, it seemed as if she was forced to do it. Also, if she really wants to commit herself on being the baseball team manager, she can just quit that easily in the gymnastics club without even having the trouble about betting just to have her back. Whether I should blame it on herself because she is half-hearted on what she is doing, or to the expectations of other people, it just goes to back to the bottom line which is, she should have decided early on not committing to one of the two and not obeying orders that easily from the idiot principal. The other flaw would be Minami’s dream along with Kazuya. I think the idea of going to Koshien is already so blatant that I just don’t know what’s with that dream? I mean, for Minami’s perspective. She just want to cheer out loud in Hanshin Koshien Stadium and that’s the end? Also, her promise with Kazuya was somewhat shallow since she was able to pass it along to Tatsuya instead that easily. Her dream to go to Koshien was somewhat just self-fulfilling without even trying to consider what that meant to Tatsuya. It can be seen at the final episode that Tatsuya seemed still dumbfounded now that he finally reached Koshien.

The part where the evil coach is hazing the baseball club is one of the most memorable moment in the anime for me. My anger almost burst that I want to punch the coach knock out already. That training was really the definition of gruelsome. Anyway, Tatchan’s compliance to the evil coach is just so suspicious that I myself was shocked he made it that far just to reach Koshien(I’m not that desperate). Call it giving up if you want to but I know the definition and contrast between gradual and sudden training.

The music of the anime is good but not that remarkable because this is a classic anime. Nevertheless, I love the background musics  used in the production because it made the scenes more dramatic and emphatic.

Unlike several deaths from Adachi’s mangas, I never really felt that sad when Kazuya died. I mean I was surprised but it didn’t gave me that much of an impact. I never read this part of the manga so I can’t compare but according to what I’ve watched from the anime, Kazuya’s death was pre-mature and not that developed accordingly to give off the drama-esque emotions.

Compared to the manga, I think the anime had a more impact in the ending although the manga had the complete essence. Maybe because I already got used to Adachi’s open-endings, I was a little suprised when I saw the last chapter as an epilogue to other characters. In the end, Touch is a good story enveloping the genre of sibling relationship, coming of age, sports and romance. This series is certainly one of the best classics although one might find it stupid and irritating during the first 15 episodes. Trust me, if you made it past those 15 episodes, it’s worth continuing and watching how the story unfold for both Minami and Tatchan while bringing alongside with them Kazuya’s dream.

Currently accepting next Adachi anime/manga recommendations.

  1. Kriselle says: May 4, 20097:54 pm

    I don’t think I’ll be checking out the manga after all. (And to think Sorachi thought Minami was a perfect girlfriend? Well, that is, considering how you described her flaw ;^^)

    • foomafoo says: May 4, 20099:00 pm

      personality wise, Minami is a good woman and I don’t have a complain on that, only on how she handled the things throughout the story.

  2. hazy says: June 6, 20097:42 pm

    Might take a look at Touch or H2 someday. Adachi-sensei is a really good storyteller, and I love Cross Game. Been planning to pick up Adachi’s “Rough” (with a swimming/diving setting), since I’ve been reading too much baseball stuff xD

  3. David Anderson says: November 2, 20097:10 am

    Wow, an anime where it’s the side characters that are annoying? That’s the exact opposite of Naruto! Haha. This honestly doesn’t sound too appealing to me, but I might consider checking it out.

  4. foomafoo says: November 2, 20099:11 am

    It wasn’t so appealing to me at first too because it’s such a classic and has many episodes… I was only tempted to watch it because I enjoy the works of Mitsuru Adachi, and this is one of his early works.

    Yes, the side characters are totally annoying.

  5. Saru says: August 26, 20105:15 am

    I loved cross game, and I hope I can get hooked on this one like cross game..

    btw, I love the banner of your blog :O which anime is it?

    • foomafoo says: August 28, 201010:02 pm

      I have rotating headers though :o. If it's the yellow one though, then it has to be Durarara!!

      Watching Cross Game and then watching Touch — I say isn't really a good choice, coming from someone who did the same thing so just take into consideration my advice not to have so high expectations since Touch is indeed already a classic anime.

  6. Mr. Bat says: November 14, 20149:32 pm

    Cross Game and H2 were both amazing! This one though… orz I didn't end up like Tatsuya because of his character… but because of all the shit he keeps getting from THE ENTIRE WORLD. No seriously… even his own parents play favorites and it's it's his face… Not to mention… even the dog… like… really? HOW COULD YOU EVEN MAKE THE DOG BE MEAN?! Tatsuya plays with him the most! like… seriously, Punch.. seriously? pfft anyway.. yeah… I like it so far.. But I have no idea when I'm going to drop it… It's painful to watch.

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