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H2 – Manga Review

Okay, let’s proceed now to my Adachi fandom these days.

Spoiler Alert!
One reason I chose this over Touch would be because it is more recent and almost all Adachi fans regard it as his best work so far. And yes, I can clearly see the parallelism Adachi Mitsuru has applied on both Cross Game and H2. Cross Game and H2 both have the stout catchers and stupid comic relief characters. Luckily, Punch is not that annoying in H2 in comparison to Touch where I want to smack him to the ground.

First flaw, well not really flaw but weakness, I noticed in the manga would be the imbalance between Haruka and Hikari. What about this? Hikari is clearly a major character in the story since she is the love interest of the two male protagonist. Due to this, Haruka was reduced as just a baseball team manager. Even though you can say that Haruka is the reason why the Senkawa’s baseball club became the Senkawa baseball team, I quite don’t disagree that she weighs the same as what Hikari played in the story. Haruka also didn’t have that many romance scenes with Hiro even though they are the supposed couple. Instead, Hikari had so many romantic and together scenes with Hiro. During these times, Haruka simply did watch and accepted the fact that Hiro still likes Hikari. Haruka also often go unnoticed every time she tries to do thing for Hiro because Hikari is always around; therefore, Haruka’s character in the manga is over shadowed by Hikari’s too much presence.

The chapters that I’ll never never forget from H2 would be Hikari’s mother’s death. Well yeah! I cried a lot while reading these chapters. These are the only chapters that really had an impact to me while I was reading the manga. I don’t know but Adachi Mitsuru seems so good in portraying the deaths of characters since I also wept for Wakaba. I really cried over the flashback scenes and the moment where Hikari finally cried after playing with Hiro on the old empty lot where they played along with Hikari’s mother during the past(Chapter 248). I don’t know but Ayaka’s Koi Kogarate Mita Yume played on my mind while reading these chapters.

I also thought that I just learned something awesome from reading because according to some anonymous doctor from the manga, butterfly is good for back aches[the swimming form]. Now that you mention it, it’s actually pretty weird right? Well, I still believed it until I found out that the doctor was a quack. Oh noes.

I definitely enjoyed the comedy and puns of this manga. Adachi Mitsuru also often appears on the manga himself which makes it much funnier.

I liked how the idea of winning and losing baseball entered in the extent of romance. This was the very turning point of the story and you can clearly see here the clarity how the plot progressed. You can say that the idea of Koushien is already cliche because it really is, but the elements of the manga is not. How so? Well, H2 focuses on the relationship of the 4 main protagonists and not really that much to baseball although it is where the plot revolves (Hiro vs Hideo idea). It can be surmised that baseball itself is just a medium to present the struggle between friendship and trust among Hiro, Hideo, Hikari, and Haruka. The fact that the finals for the Koushien wasn’t included already in the storyline would probably because Adachi just want to focus on the character and really not on the sport.

The paper plane at the end of the show just symbolizes that the lives of the 4 protagonist would continue soaring around the world of baseball but it is already upon the hands of the reader to assume what happened after the story ended in the manga.

I really hate sports manga since they are so typical about the winning and losing cycle but regardless of that, H2 is a great story that falls under coming of age and slice of life, such as friendship and trust between friends although it is under the umbrella of baseball.

  1. maglor says: April 27, 20092:26 am

    Nice post.

    • foomafoo says: April 28, 20092:21 pm

      haha, thanks.

  2. sexyF says: April 27, 20094:04 pm

    Oh wow. You finished H2 the same day i did. Great manga, i would like to put pen to paper to know exactly how i felt about it. Now however, i am left wanting to know how did all four of them live their lives after this.

    also, haruka really got the short end of the stick in this manga. a few scattered, unbelievable incidents, were all that was devoted to her. we had flashbacks of everyone’s past, but her. i wanted to root for her, but i needed to know why.

    • foomafoo says: April 27, 20094:19 pm

      yup, she was the one that got the least attention among the four. I also want to root for her because as she was saying from the manga, she never had the right pick in guys ever since.

  3. Kriselle says: April 28, 20091:17 pm

    I’ve read and watched very few sports manga, mostly the popular ones (PoT, Striker Hungry Heart, Slam Dunk, Knock Out) and I’m not much into the genre (okay, I admit, I venture into it for the fanfiction, aside from Slam Dunk’s case, which I truly did enjoy).

    Touch — I was about to read that! Since it was mentioned in Gintama and said that the girl there was the ‘perfect girlfriend’, it got me curious, haha! Sadly, I’m not very into the classic style of art so I didn’t continue. Plus it’s kind of long. (Wow, you must have lots of patience)

    With that said, I can’t relate much but it was a nice review.

    Btw, in reply to your chatboard tag, thanks!!~ 😀 I think LJ would be better since the posts there would be in closer relation to yours… sort of? XD

    • foomafoo says: April 28, 20092:21 pm

      I actually haven’t finished Touch yet since I’m on episode 32 as of now but I’m really planning to finish it.

      You should try watching classics to you know, you never know, you might appreciate them one of these days. Anyway, I don’t have something to brag but I’ve finished Maison Ikkoku by Rumiko Takahashi and it’s worth the watch.

      • Kriselle says: April 28, 20092:59 pm

        I’ve watched that too! Too bad I wasn’t able to finish it since my DVD copy doesn’t include the ending. =XD It was from a long time ago, though…

  4. Saz says: May 4, 20091:36 am

    oh! this post makes me look back at my memory lane. lol!
    it’s been a year or so since i’ve read this so i don’t remember much of it and i think i’m confusing some of the scenes of H2 with Touch and some other baseball manga. haha
    Btw, nice review.

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