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1st Anniversary!

Hisashiburi. I’m confident to say now that I won’t go hiatus anymore for the whole month until last week of May!!!

Anyway, wow, it is already my 1st anniversary as an anime blogger and it is such a pleasure meeting all kinds of people here in the aniblogosphere. I’ve experienced a lot of shortcomings as a blogger and I’d really like to thank all people that kept on commenting, supporting and reading this blog of mine, or did anything to help me(in any form and shape). These people includes: blissmo, kanzeon & tsui, Gargron, 7, ron~, Nagato, Choux, Hoshi and Sakura, Minnie, Kitsune, usagijen, hazy, Kairu, Kriselle, manga, scheneider, animekritik, ghostlightning(via twitter), Baka-Raptor(just recently), ritchan, Ryan A, tflops, and of course the readers that came across my site. Oh, please don’t hate if I have forgot mentioning your name… Oh and of course my very first linker and top referrer Ü Omni-senpai. Also, thanks to my first aggregator which is Anime Nano care of Hung and Kabitzin.

It was such a fruitful whole year since I can tell that my I have partly achieved my main purpose on blogging and that is to practice my writing skills. Well, I didn’t master any but I can tell that my writing style improved compared to my very very very first posts and I’m indebted to all animebloggers that I have read so far.

There are more years to come and I’m certain of it. –> Oops did I just pledged something.

Oh well, I’ll be working hard to maintain this site of mine even though you’ll get to see entries every month, I’ll be ensuring everyone that helped me so far to keep up what I’m doing so their effort in helping me won’t be wasted.

And of course, my short-term goal for this spring break would be to reach 100 posts since I’ve got 87 so far! And, 300 comments.

For now, what I’m trying to improve would be motivation and inspiration sources since I hardly have. I’m also trying to improve my post frequency which could only be achieved if I achieved the first one.

I really hate my finals week because I failed to do a wrap-up post for Tales of Abyss and Toradora and I just can’t motivate myself to do it just nao since it’s already 3rd week of Spring, it’s too late 🙁

Also, the only project so far which is covering DC episodes is still on! Haha, I want to challenge myself so this is still operational. I might cover the first movie in commemoration of Conan’s birthday on May 4. Hahaha. Okay that’s it for now.

  1. neko11lover says: April 24, 200910:06 am

    LOL It's been my dream seeing an avatar next to my name. /just kidding 😀 I can't make IntenseDebate work on LJ but whatever. XD No problem!

    • foomafoo says: April 24, 20097:35 pm

      Sorry, I just experienced problems in replying in intense debate and I’ve decided not to implement it anymore. If you really want avatars permanently beside your name during comments, try getting a gravatar. Haha, sorry for the intense debate thing. Back to old style 😕

  2. blissmo says: April 25, 20093:13 pm

    CONGRATS~~ I’m so happy to have been mentioned!! You’ve actually survived a year blogging anime, I envy you! Good luck in the future!

    • foomafoo says: April 25, 20093:16 pm

      Haha, I barely did after all those hiatus. Good luck to your new blog as well blissmo 🙂

  3. tflops says: April 25, 20093:41 pm

    Did I help? Well, Congrats! and Happy Anniversary on your Blog, and hope you’ll do excellent on your finals.

    • foomafoo says: April 25, 20099:28 pm

      Yep. It was thanks to you that I realized that I must filter contents connected on my blog. It was a quick incident so maybe you have forgotten it already.

      • tflops says: April 26, 200912:32 am

        I remember, I was “lol’d what?” The old days.

        • foomafoo says: April 26, 20092:06 am

          Hahaha, it’s still embarrassing now that I rethink of what happened back then 😐

  4. 7 says: April 25, 20099:48 pm

    Congratulations and happy anniversary to your blog! I have no idea how I contributed but I’m glad if I did in any form of way anyway.

    It also brings a smile to my face that one of your reasons for blogging mirrors mine. 😀

    • foomafoo says: April 25, 20099:54 pm

      You are one of the people that console me when I had a dilemma about link exchanges and you have my thanks for that 😉

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