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Should a true anime fan watch it? – DB Evolution

Disclaimer: The negative comments weren’t from me.

I’m not an avid fan of Dragon Ball although it is part of my repetitive childhood process every morning at the television when I was 6 I guess.

Sorry Hollywood but I really never came to love much of your movies. I was going to give you a chance if only you didn’t pursue doing a live-action movie for Dragon Ball. I think I can already have a basis of this rant since the film was just premiered last week. Even though it gained $42M, I don’t think everyone that watched it was contented based from the comments of several critics[see Reception, DragonBall Evolution, wiki]. It also has a 14% rating from rotten tomatoes… which means… okay I think you already know.

Now, were the bunch of early rants and criticisms of the aniblogosphere still doesn’t convince you? What I’m saying here is, they think they are the masters of the cinematography, filming and all those stuffs that we, a bunch of anime fans, just don’t know a thing about it. Just where the hell did your proud expectations went now?

Was it my fault for not giving this film a chance to be viewed by the likes of me? Hmm, I don’t think so. I’d like to preserve what’s been left from my childhood and I don’t want it to be sabotaged by the spin-off plot of this live-action.

I know that this post is nothing but a subjective opinion so let’s get going now with the objective ones.

+ Might be fun when you’re hammered and surrounded by friends. Or suicidal, and need something to push you over the edge.
− Basically everything (Bertschy, 2009). (ANN)

Production seems to have been hastily thrown together, and some scenes appear to have been shot using outmoded rear projection techniques. More care has been taken with the battle scenes; the climactic clash between Piccolo and Goku offers a faithful CGI representation of the ethereal powers as drawn in the original manga (Edwards, 2009). (Variety)

…The film is nowhere near perfect. There are a few obvious plot-holes and the occasional eye-rolling, too-convenient coincidence. Lord Piccolo simply isn’t given enough to do to make him appear extremely menacing, and his make-up looks as if it had been pulled straight from the storage closet of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Monfette, 2009). (IGN)

Based from those commentaries, I really doubt anime fans would at least be encouraged to watch it for a change of heart. Well, they say that the action scenes were good but hey now, I’ve seen it a lot from the anime already…

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says: April 20, 20093:38 am

    No. If an anime fan would watch this, they will surely rage. So much.

  2. foomafoo says: April 20, 20094:48 am

    Yeah, that would certainly be the aftermath.

  3. Gargron says: April 20, 20094:59 pm

    Filming – anime – is – not – right. Anime is already a sort of cinematograph, why making the same thing twice. That's my opinion.

    • foomafoo says: April 21, 20099:02 am

      But, we should also consider that there are SOME, not that many, live-actions that were better than their anime version. I think it still depends on the acting and producing capabilities of the staffs. Either way, I can also agree to what you say about filming it twice which is rather non-sense if its all about the same thing.

  4. neko11lover says: April 23, 20095:24 am

    I watched the movie with friends and we were the noisiest in the cinema. We were all about laughing at the movie, at how everything was different and all. I have to agree that I didn't like the movie much in terms of plot and live-drama-ness and I wouldn't have fun if friends were there to watch it with XD It WAS entertaining, though.

    AND WTF in the onset of battle, Goku really HAD to change his costume into the orange one. -___-

    Now I fear for Cowboy Bebop. It's my favorite anime and there are news about a live starred by Keanu Reeves. I've been looking at it optimistically, though. Hopefully, it would be big-budgeted and good… D: Watching DBE scared me though. -keeps praying-


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