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K-on! 01 [First Glance]

Well then, let us start tackling about the series. I didn’t finished Munto so I’m kind of hoping that this one is better in all aspects. I hope you guys have already researched at least about the show since I don’t want to do any synopsis review. Also, don’t worry, this is not like a second Detroit Metal City since K-on! deals with light music. Supposedly yes.

One adjective that fits the show would be “lively” and this is one of the aspects that I’ve been looking for on many anime(s). They are the anime(s) that would keep you on your seats until the episode finishes. From its cliché introduction(well it is), I wasn’t really impressed immediately since I also notices some poor gritty animation regarding Yui’s hands while reaching out to the alarm clock. Did KyoAni funded well the show? The answer is not yet clear but I guess I can praise the show about its fancy transition effects which I enjoyed since I rarely see any of those.

Based from the plot of the story, K-on! would somehow turn into an inspirational musical anime at some point but I’m not sure about that myself yet since it’s what the plot implies. An innocent girl got into some troublesome club where she learned how to play guitar — and then *bam*, they somehow got exposure, and it led to their stardom. Of course, this is just an unclear impression left in my mind just by reading the synopsis of the story. Who knows if it really is something like that? Anyway, I’ve got my picks over slice of life anime(s) so I hope this one would give me some good realization and splendid character developments. The mere bad point I see here would be the persistent clumsiness and airhead-ness KyoAni likes to portray as usual like with Fuko’s case to Yui’s which is rather A-NNO-YING.

Will K-on! be a hit? This show also exhibits moe characters which I guess would attract many viewers. Disregarding that aspect of the show, K-on! is also enlisted among the list of very few animes that includes the genre of music(Like Beck, Nodame Cantabile and La Corda). Based from these series, they all did good in showcasing the proper amount of criteria that a good anime must have. What has been added? Good music of course. That alone gives off a nice impression for the audience. I myself is expecting a great soundtrack as well from this show. Well, I think it is obligatory for an anime that has the genre of music to produce some awesomeness right? Unless they’ve got some guts. Here I am hoping KyoAni won’t give me a Castanets ensemble music.

For those who don’t want to be disappointed, let us just put up a neutral rating for now. Anyway, I think I’ve taken a liking to Mio’s character. She kind of looks like Yomi(Ga-rei) but somewhat cynical just like Kagami(Lucky Star!). On the top of that, she plays bass! which is a plus plus plus coolness for her character. Her seiyuu is also still an amateur by the looks of her background in his voice acting career but I hope her experience in this series helps her in gaining popularity. Same goes with the other seiyuus of Tsumugi, Yui and Ritsu. Also, I like the uniqueness of K-on! regarding the band instruments since Tsugumi does keyboard which is not a common member of a typical band which often solely includes guitar, drums, bass and vocals.(well yeah, since this is light music.)

And that’s it for now. There are still many episodes to watch before we generalize all the first impressions I have made. Let’s hope that K-on! would be a nice watch for this Spring 🙂

  1. schneider says: April 5, 200912:26 am

    This might be the big break for these new seiyuu.

    Can’t wait for Gibson Les Paul next week.

  2. foomafoo says: April 4, 20095:31 pm

    I quite can't follow. Do you mean the next episode that features the guitars?

  3. blissmo says: April 5, 20093:43 pm

    I agree. I don’t really like Mio’s character, although she’s very cute, but it IS annoying. If you see too much of it anyway. Even though the song the characters performed wasn’t that great, I still liked it ‘cos it was simple. I sure hope this series will be good like Nodame (I’ve only seen the live-action drama). I’ve been looking for dramas/anime which are based on music, etc, but there’s not much out there, which sucks. I might check out BECK since my friend also told me that it was really good (after giving Baccano! an 8/10 >_>)

  4. foomafoo says: April 5, 20098:15 am

    Is it Mio or Yui you hate? XD. Yeah, the OP and ED wasn't that great for me as well but the video supplemented it the coolness it needs. K-on! still needs some focus on the music genre though since there were hardly any performances on the 1st episode. I hope more songs would be made for the show.

    Beck is good but I really didn't like the ending that much though. Haven't watched Baccano! yet but I'm planning to~.

  5. blissmo says: April 6, 20091:17 am

    Haha, my bad!! I meant Yui~

    But yeah, I really hope to hear more songs and personally the ED was better than the OP 😀

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