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DC – 02

Ah lele? Who said I won’t continue covering DC? I just had my hiatus :-<

Episode 02 – The Company President’s Daughter Kidnapping Case

The episode started with two policemen having found Shinichi lying on the ground with a bleeding wound on his head. Shinichi was a bit pissed off when the policemen called him a li’l boy when he is already a high school student. Because of the conversation between the two policemen, Shinichi was able to remember that he was hit by a man in black.

The moment he tried to reach his head, he found it strange for his clothes to somewhat look like large for him. The more it became strange when the two policemen said that he is a primary school student. Given the circumstances, the two policemen continued reporting the current situation without knowing Shinich had already escaped from their proximity.

Meanwhile, Ran went home just to witness her drunk defective detective father. She was somewhat worried about Shinichi the way he left so she went out again to check him at his home. Poor Kogoro, he hasn’t eaten dinner yet.

For the meantime, Shinichi tried running away from the scene where he was found by the police but he immediately experienced fatigue probably due to the effects of the medicine he was forced to take. Consequently, he saw his reflection through a glass wall and was stupefied by what he had seen. His body had shrunk… (lame!)

Shinichi went to his house but he is rather short to reach the lock of his own house(haha, pathetic). This scene was followed by an explosion caused by Professor Agasa. On his first attempt, Shinichi tried acting as if nothing happened but Prof. Agasa didn’t believed what he said about the drug that shrink him so Prof. Agasa decided to drag him to the police station even though Shinichi tried telling facts that only him knows, specifically the mole on Prof. Agasa’s butt… Before Shinichi was drag to the police station, he demonstrated his deductive reasoning so that Prof. Agasa would believe that he really is Shinichi.

Having Prof. Agasa convinced by a mere reasoning, Shinichi went with Prof. Agasa inside his house to tell the whole story and also to find his primary school uniform… He also wants Prof. Agasa’s help regarding the antidote that could make him go back on his former self even though he just said a lil while ago that Prof. Agasa’s inventions were all junk. Of course, Shinichi is asking for the impossible since Prof. Agasa needs the prototype of the medicine. Therefore, Shinichi planned to make a comeback and catch those men in black so he could obtain the medicine he was forced to take so Prof. Agasa would be able to analyze its chemical composition to make an antidote out of it.

Professor Agasa had intervened and said that Shinichi must be extra careful since once these men in black finds out that he is still alive, they will hunt him down and this will put all those who are around him in danger. This includes Ran so Prof. Agasa insisted on having this as a secret just between the two of them.

Conveniently, Ran has already reached Shinichi’s house by that time so Shinichi had to hide somewhere inside. As a form of disguise, Shinichi wore his father’s eyeglasses but it has a diopter[1] which made him dizzy and it cause him to hit his head. He removed the lenses instead just before Ran confronts her. Ran found the chibi Shinichi cute so she cuddled him making Shinichi blush because he could feel her … . Prof. Agasa introduced Shinichi to Ran as a relative. Ran also asked his name so Shinichi panicked to think of something until he reached the edge of the shelves and saw the books authored by Edogawa Ranpo and Conan Doyle = Edogawa Conan.

Professor Agasa proposed that Conan live with Ran since she lives on a detective agency which could help him find the men in black. Chances are, it still needs approval from Kogoro.

Before arriving at Ran’s house, the two had a little chat about their crushes and Conan said that he doesn’t have such thing. Meanwhile, Ran unknowingly confessed her feelings to Shinichi by telling Conan that she really like Shinichi a lot ever since they were still kids. Conan, as expected, turned into a tomato after hearing the story.

As they arrive in front of the detective agency, Kogoro just had a phone call earlier regarding his FIRST case as a detective which involves a man in black as a primary suspect. Accordingly, Conan found his first clue so when Kogoro called a taxi Conan came along. Therefore, Ran also came along…

As Conan and Kogoro arrived in the house where the kidnapping case had happened, Conan immediately experience the inconvenience of being small since he can’t see the picture of the abducted daughter of the said client. Although Conan tried “helping” Kogoro by asking guide questions, he was treated as a nuisance.

—Prior to the crime scene—

Aso-san, the butler of the family was said to be the only witness of the crime so he was asked to give a clear story how the daughter was abducted.

According to his statement, the daughter was playing in the garden when a man in black suddenly jumped out from the corner of the garden and grabbed her. The culprit said, “Tell your master, if he wants his daughter back in one piece, he needs to shut down his company for a month! If he tries to contact the police, his daughter is as good as dead!”

After that, the culprit climbed up the pine tree and jumped over the fence to escape.

The only noise that was heard from the scene was… the shout of Aso-san which is: “The young Miss has been kidnapped!”


It was told after the narration that the culprit has phoned already the client regarding the ransom of three hundred-million dollars in old bank notes.

Although the first suspect would be the the rival company, it wasn’t implied that way since the culprit doesn’t want new notes, which shows he has a lot of confidence in his request of ransom. Conan did a lot of thinking while kicking a ball but he missed it. The moment Conan went to pick up the ball, a large dog suddenly jumped in front of Conan and he was almost turned into a minced meat. Just kidding, Conan was able to tame the dog immediately. According to the client, Jumbo, the dog, is not that friendly to people not within the household.

Therefore, following the train of thought, if the culprit used the pine tree to climbed out of the house, the dog would surely notice him and bark to the fullest. But according to the other maids, there no other noise heard.

Well, Aso-san is definitely the culprit here. But, when it already came into conclusion, there are still traces that are not connected with each other. As Aso-san tell his master the location of his daughter, a menace happened. It was another phone call by the “culprit”. To Kogoro’s dismay, since he thought he finally soved the case, the daughter still remains with criminal. The client was shocked when the culprit asked again whether the ransom is already ready.

It sounds like a more serious case this time. Akiko, the daughter was heard on the telephone where in she tried to deter the place where she is being held but she was put to silence after the call. The words that the child mutter on the phone was. There was a big chimney that can be seen on the window of a school’s storage room.

Conan immediately tried looking for possible locations through the map. Unbelievable as it may seem BUT Conan used Jumbo as his carriage in order to travel from school to school to find out the real location of the criminal. Meanwhile, Kogoro and Ran continued to pursue Conan and the dog.

Conan have traveled across schools that are near factories that have the said chimneys but the culprit is nowhere to be found. As Conan pondered what went wrong on his deduction, he saw a building that would strongly resemble the chimney if viewed straight from its thinner side. Conan then found the real location the daughter is being held. As things have progressed, the client have already prepared the ransom (in case) where the culprit told to leave it. Since the deal is already finished, the culprit decided to kill the daughter since she serves no use for him anymore. Right before the daughter is killed, Conan dashingly arrived in the storage room where the daughter is being held. Jumbo tackled the culprit. Conan was given the time to save the daughter. Jumbo tried his best to fend off the culprit but he was beaten. Conan tried fighting the culprit by kicking his face but his leg was caught and he was thrown to the pile of soccer balls. He even tried kicking the soccer balls targeted to the face of the culprit but it was futile since his kicking strength was drastically diminished when his body shrunk. As the soccer ball was blocked, the culprit quickly swung the baseball bat to Conan. Conan painfully rolled to the ground as he felt useless for the first time even though he was able to pin point the location of the culprit.

As Conan was ready to give up (because the culprit is about to hit his head), Ran came to rescue and blocked the attack. Ran demonstrated her karate skills by knocking out the culprit by punching him 5/6 times plus a kick. Good thing Ran saw Jumbo came out from the storage room. At last, the true culprit was caught.


It was actually the daughter that planned the kidnapping because she felt that the company was more important than her… Anyway…so much for forced drama XD.

And yes, the first kidnapping was a fake one. The true kidnapping happened after the first kidnapping took place…


Well, about Conan’s case having to live with Ran, Kogoro finally agreed because Conan acted as a lucky charm to his first case XD.

The next day, Conan was enrolled to primary school, again…


[1]diopter – A unit of measurement of the refractive power of lenses equal to the reciprocal of the focal length measured in meters.

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  2. Kriselle says: April 7, 20092:43 pm

    Before arriving at Ran’s house, the two had a little chat about their crushes and Conan said that he doesn’t have such thing. Meanwhile, Ran unknowingly confessed her feelings to Shinichi by telling Conan that she really like Shinichi a lot ever since they were still kids. Conan, as expected, turned into a tomato after hearing the story.

    – Ahaha, right after Conan finds out the usefulness of not being the real him, he gets a double-score of what he CAN'T do. (But then again, after a few more episodes, he realizes more moments with Ran. cough)

    The reason for the crime in this episode wasn't as interesting, though. A start of a string of fake leads to the men in black.

    Nice ep recap! 😀

    • foomafoo says: April 8, 20093:45 am

      I haven't thought of that XD! Conan is experiencing a bit of inconvenience when solving crimes but having moments with Ran is so easy. That's the trade off I guess.
      Yeah, I agree. The crime was not so interesting that it is easy to guess what really happened.

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