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Experimental Project 01 – Detective Conan Episodes Coverage

I think I’m idling too much here in my blog and I think this is the only solution, to do an episodic blogging so I’ll be thinking and doing something every time there is a slump of ideas and slump in good anime in a specific season(particularly this winter’s).

I think Detective Conan is lacking the attention in terms of the episode coverage since a lot of watchers are already fed up with it considering it has been running in nearly 13 years already. My plan is to cover all SUBBED episodes of Detective Conan and to compile Murder Tricks of the series as well. This is just experimental just as what the title says so I’ll be looking into this further more if this would fit my taste. Also, I’m lazy to put pictures. Just watch them in detectiveconan.us / tv.dctp.ws 😉 (promotion! XD)

Episode 1 – Roller Coaster Murder Case

The OP sequence had a flashback of the 1st murder appearance of Shinichi. He is quite pretty bold for a newbie. Okay, I don’t know any of those deduction skills they’ve been talking about but the basic strategy used for the murder is attaching a rope to climb a veranda and kill the person inside the room where the culprit lured the victim into. The first case is pretty easy to predict since the probable culprit has been reduced to one.

Okay, a short gap for the night and Shinichi was awaken by Professor Agasa. He is creative in his own ways but almost all  his inventions are crap. Meanwhile, Kogoro and Ran is having problems with their expenses since business is in a slump ever since Kudo started his plight for being the “high school detective”. On the way to school, Ran was introduced to be a karate team captain. The conversation’s subject became Sherlock Holmes all of a sudden which was clearly based from the novel by Conan Doyle. Truly, Shin really has the capability to write as well novels about detectives since he has also the creative mind in solving cases BUT I think he lacks the skill of manipulation. He can only trace evidences but I don’t think he can think of a trick on his own unlike his father who is an author.

The conversation ended when Ran asked Shin out for he also promised last time. An unfortunate day to celebrate Ran’s victory in the karate tournament. I kind of giggled a little since the translation for Heisei during the episode’s time was still 90’s when it is already year 2009 prior to this day I’m writing this entry. Just how long will Conan keep on airing? A short skit was shown featuring a girl crying over something… Hmm… Another murder I suppose. It’s the turn of the annoying Shounen Tantei-dan. I really see Ayumi as the gutsy of all here since she already thought of some strategy on how to sneak inside the theme park! Mitsuhiko is still timid and Genta is so frail as ever.

While waiting on the line for the Mystery Coaster… The conversation continues about Sherlock Holmes. Shin demonstrated one of his “amazing” skills. That is, determining the occupation of a person thru a handshake. (This was based on the novel the Study in scarlet, the first encounter of Dr. Watson and Holmes) After some long explanation ~ they finally reached the line and rode the roller coaster but this stout man in black just had to attract some attention by shouting… In any case, he is yet to be significant for the latter part of the episode(and in the series itself). Shinichi seems to just love to talk about Holmes but Ran just reach the limit of her temper and forced Shin to shut up since she doesn’t give a damn to either Sherlock Holmes or Conan Doyle. After that, she stated a sarcastic remark which was meant to be a joke but Shin took it seriously lol. At last, the roller coaster just started to move…After some screams because of the ride, something along the ride just snapped. Also, before that happened, A water drop seems to have smeared to Shin’s face. Hmm??? The Shounen Tantei-dan to be were startled because they heard something stumble. Meanwhile, Ayumi happen to pick some rolling pearl beads. Shin at the same time was shocked because a murder has just been committed by someone. Of course, among the passengers is the culprit. Well, someone just died by being decapitated. Lots happened after the rise and the police came rushing over the crime scene.

—*Deduction Show part*—

The Men-in-black that are also passengers on the roller coaster but since they were caught up in the crime, they were delayed for their urgent business…

1st suspect: The girl beside the man who was decapitated. Of course, the idiot police officers would always came up with the not-so-obvious-incorrect-conclusion. Even though it is true that she had all the chances, I doubt it would be that shallow to have the culprit sit beside the victim since the true culprit wants that to frame someone~

2nd suspect: The girl Shin just hand shook a little while longer to demonstrate his -handshake skills for determining the occupation of somebody- She was proven to be a gymnast because of the blisters in his hand. Shin also noticed her bruises in tighs. Since she is a gymnast, maneuvers with regards to balance is a piece of cake. Well, Since the crime was commited  in along the roller coaster… You know what I’m thinking…

*Evidence 1*

A bloody knife was found in the 1st suspect’s bag and because of that, she was nearly judged as the true culprit. Meanwhile, Shin stated that knife won’t be able to decapitate a man’s head using bare strength.

*Trick 1*

To be able to escape from the safety bars in the roller coaster, one can put something thick behind his/her bag. During the ride, just pull it and slide through the extra space.

*Trick 2*

Use a rope and hook and tied them together. Secure your legs through the safety bars and put the hoop of the rope in the target’s head and then… just throw the hook somewhere along the rail to cling it. The head would obviously be decapitated because of the roller coaster’s speed…

*Trick 3*

You must be a trained gymnast to pull it off!~ Okay, don’t try this to kill someone just to prove that it is possible for those who are not gymnasts and I also didn’t tell that gymnasts can do it…. I guess everyone knows already who is the true culprit then….

*Evidence 2*

Shin stated that the crime would only be possible with the use of piano wire and some hook and at the same time, utilizing the momentum of the roller coaster. The hoop used for the crime would be the pearl necklace. Then attach them to whatsoever rope and hook and the set-up is finished. Aw, I don’t want the cliché explanation of the motive part XD…

Ran ended up crying along the way but Shin explained that it happens all the time so she should be used to it… Then, some stout guy in black suit who was on the roller coaster a moment ago appeared running across the screen… Shin decided to tail the man. Meanwhile, Ran tripped over the smooth surface and wasn’t able to stop him… Ran then had a premonition of not seeing Shinichi again right after he bid farewell… Some negotiation at the back of the theme park is going on between the stout man in black suit with a bald man who is a smuggler… After witnessing the deal~ Shin was knocked by the stout guy’s partner! Shin is such an idiot and that was the end for him lol. He was made to drink an untraceable poison by the men in black suit and then made their escape. shin then experienced some burning sensation inside his body… After he came to senses…His body was transformed into a middle schooler. lol. I don’t want to hear any side comments about that twist since that is clearly impossible in real science…

The chibi Shin then ran to Professor Agasa’s house to ask for help in order to restore his original body but Professor Agasa that it would only be possible if he would be able to obtain the original poison so he’ll be able to make an antidote out of it… Suddenly, Ran came over to see whether Shin already came home but what she witnessed was a chibi Shin. Shin then crawled to the border of the room only to cornered by Ran. Ran then ask his name and he conveniently saw the books of Conan Doyle and Rampo Edogawa along the shelves of the mystery novels. He came up of Edogawa Conan. Professor Agasa then proposed to let him stay at Ran’s house since it is a detective agency. This will help Shin track down once again the men who made him shrink into Conan…

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