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The three of you are stoopid.

Are you guys blind? That deformed railing is obviously where Taiga fell!

I think this episode is similar to the episode where Taiga almost drowned but Ryuuji saved her. Although this time, it is the opposite since Ryuuji was the very first one to notice that Taiga has disappeared.

I’ve always predicted that Ami would finally provoke Minorin to burst because of her emo-ness and irresoluteness. Although this time, it’s very untimely. As I see things in Ryuuji’s situation, he is by foremost having the hardest time recovering from the rejection and yet these girls don’t know how to control their selves that they even got into a fight… Meanwhile, Taiga enjoyed watching the first round for she also joined and finally confessed to Ryuuji…

Even though one could say that Taiga is trying her best to be kind enough so Ryuuji would be better off alone without her so Minorin could finally accept her feelings, she is being dishonest as well like Ami which causes Minorin to be emo which then irritates Ami a lot. Tracing the root cause would point all the arrows to Taiga… Poor girl. Anyway, even though Taiga has her own faults, I can’t say that she caused all of it since Ryuuji is spoiling her a lot that it is starting too look like they are a couple. The lesson here, never be a bridge to anybody’s relationship if you want to be the one distraught by your own feelings.

The thing I don’t understand here though was Taiga’s feeling towards Kitamura. Did it suddenly faded after realizing that Kitamura is looking beyond the horizon for Sumire and not for her that she decided to come for Ryuuji? Well, I think yes. You can see Taiga still uncomfortable beside Kitamura but not because she is still feeling the doki-doki in her chest anymore. I think she already accepted in her heart that Kitamura would always be looking past her image that he is now chasing Ryuuji to be by her side instead.

Minori is hopeless if she would continue looking at things vaguely like referring it to cryptic messages from alien. If she really understands Ryuuji and Taiga, I don’t think she has to be a coward in fighting for her own interest. Meanwhile, Ami got pawned by Minori (she’s a softball captain remember?). That slap to wake Minorin up is already late which caused Ami her own demise because Minori’s slap is definitely heavier. Although Ami is sort of emotionally unstable these days because of her anxiety towards the events, it’s her fault for thinking so much. Although her model figure is straight, I doubt if her mind is.

Poor Ryuuji, harems has to end. Of course he has to pick one. WHICH OF COURSE HAS TO BE TAIGA. Not because I really prefer Taiga that much above other else but mainly because it simply has to be. Few more episodes before the resolution!

Actually, I want to control myself not to write an entry about Toradora! since it is very popular already that almost every episode has a corresponding lots of entries but I just can’t control it either lol!

  1. hazy says: March 2, 20098:26 pm

    ~Haha, I was thinking the same thing for that scene! How the heck did they not notice the broken fence and “someone-fell” marks on the snow while there wasn’t a blizzard yet?! And I’m surprised they found that hairclip in all that snow. xD

    I agree about Kitamura and Taiga. I think her feelings weren’t as strong before since she understands that Kitamura likes Sumire so much and also because she finally realized her feelings for Ryuuji. I appreciate how Taiga’s character has matured somehow, even if it’s just a bit.

    Anyway, I’m so loving this series more than I thought I would. I’m itching to write an overview post, but I’ll try to restrain myself until after the finale. ^^

  2. Gargron says: March 6, 200912:40 pm

    I would also write a post about Toradora if my tag cloud hadn't already have the biggest tag "Toradora!".

    I haven't watched the last episode yet, but surprisingly your post isn't spoiling. ^_^ Taiga and Ryuji must be together, because they definetly need each other. And I have doubts if Kitamura can forget Sumire…

    Can't believe the series are already going to end.

    • foomafoo says: March 6, 200912:57 pm

      "but surprisingly your post isn't spoiling." – was that sarcastic? haha, because I remember mentioning some major events like the confession and cat fight.

      I thought this series would somewhat be similar to Haruhi (being a visual novel) having a possible comeback season but I guess not since it will actually end.

      • Gargron says: March 6, 200912:59 pm

        My brain did a good work cutting all spoiling parts out before sending the text to my soul. 😉

  3. blissmo says: March 6, 200911:14 pm

    I SAW THAT TOO! (sorry I haven't been commenting for a while but I never new high school could be so hectic!) I kept thinking all that time, isn't it OBVIOUS where Taiga went? I mean, that destroyed piece of fence didn't just appear out of no where! But I still don't like how Ami's being extremely bitchy and Minori is acting depressed; however, it's very human, you know? In other anime Minori would probably still be laughing the whole thing off like a real airhead.

  4. foomafoo says: March 7, 20093:41 am

    I also can't wait for this series to end since I'm going to post an after thoughts entry for this series XD!

  5. foomafoo says: March 7, 20093:46 am

    It's okay as long as you haven't still abandoned blogging.

    That's what happens if the two of them continue disguising their feelings. Minorin is very confused right now I guess so she can't think straight as well and therefore she is depressed… unlike her often cheerful airhead attitude

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