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Link Exchange Protocol

My blog would soon celebrate its 1st anniversary and yet I think I’ve yet to expand further my network.

Well, I think everyone sees the lack of audience the cause of unmotivated authors in certain blogs. Am I one of them or not? I think I don’t see blogging that way but I think I sometimes have the urge to do some “audience hunting” too even though I promised in this very blog that I’ll only wait for the right moment that somebody would acknowledge my entries.

First of all, I don’t want to link myself to some site I don’t really relate with since I won’t be able to comment on any of his/her entries which is rather a shame since blogging is at least about commenting. Sorry to mention this but, 1st incident to this was tflops‘.I’ve got nothing against his blog or to the author himself. His blog, Just Moe, is originally one on the list of Anime Blogs I’ve decided to link with. Bother to know why I stopped the linking? Well, it’s all about the content of his site(well check it out for yourself). It’s not that I don’t appreciate his posts but rather like some of them… Now I’m thinking if I have to redefine my linking policy. I really feel bad for what I’ve done to tflops.

Also, ron~’s site was also out of my whim(sorry again!). His site, Otadesho, is mainly about anime figmas which I really can’t relate with since I don’t collect. I occasionally visit his site since I might see an entry I can relate with and try to comment in order to maintain our “connection.”

With regards to the team blog’s in my blogroll, specifically, Yukan, THAT, and Calamitous…

Yukan. Basically, blissmo is also one of my first audience in the blog. But, I think my connection to the team itself is shallow… Considering I always come across Omisyth and lelangir in the site, I really haven’t made any connections to them.

THAT. Seriously, I really just dared if they’ll exchange links with me since I know that THAT is pretty much a celeb in the anime blogosphere. Honestly though, I think I still appear anonymous in front of these guys specially to Impz since he’s the one who accepted my request.

Calamitous. I only know Hoshi in this site which makes me uncomfortable in commenting to Choux and Sakura since they are more active in the site. The authors are also fond of visual novels which I really can’t relate with as well…

I just can’t understand how Kairu and Kanzeon did a great job in gathering such a big audience in such a short time unlike me who is older in terms of blog age. Also I have to commend Kitsune since he is one of thos who really don’t bother about link exchange unlike me who is making a fuss about this… *sigh*

What I’m really trying to say is, how does exchange of links really goes? I’m really having a hard time…

  1. foomafoo says: February 23, 20095:59 pm

    @animekritik, I fail on the first and second… I think I’ll need more effort to think of several things so I could post moar.

    @Kriselle, as far as I can remember you are a munscian. that figures what forum you might have clicked this.

  2. 7 says: February 24, 20092:42 am

    I don’t think you should be too strict on which blogs you want to put in your blogroll, especially if you want to expand your network. You should think of it as business cards you exchange between bloggers.

    The least you can do is have a blogroll subidivided into sites you ‘connect’ to and the ones that are in your general list.

    One thing for certain though..I have a lot to go through before I can reach your status. So be glad!

  3. foomafoo says: February 24, 20097:43 pm

    @7, What status might that be? 🙄 My blog is yet to be recognized and as well as yours.

  4. Kriselle says: February 24, 20098:16 pm

    Yeah. Though I don’t remember the exact address of the forum now (I think I’ve joined two? It’s where I got Sir Emman’s blog address as well). Still, good luck~

  5. choux says: February 26, 20092:44 am

    “I only know Hoshi in this site which makes me uncomfortable in commenting to Choux and Sakura since they are more active in the site.”
    Don’t worry about that. Isn’t the point of commenting trying to give an opinion to a random person who you don’t really know? ^^ Remember back to the time when you first saw the blogosphere and didn’t know anyone? Try commenting on random blogs! Since I’ve now commented, we are now acquainted. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m actually the only person who actually spends time playing VNs in the blog, so you can feel free to just ignor those, I don’t mind. 😉

  6. foomafoo says: February 27, 200912:15 am

    Thanks for being a new acquaintance Choux 🙂

  7. Gargron says: March 6, 200912:48 pm

    You're taking the blogroll thing too seriously. Even if you don't comment on a site, but visit it and read, then you can link it. At least if you don't save space in your sidebar. 😉

    I'm already 3 years having my site, and what do you think my daily visits numbers are? ~50 visits/day max! So you aren't alone and definetly not the unpopularest! 🙂

    • foomafoo says: March 6, 20091:04 pm

      3 years? your very first post says only September of 2008.

      I guess you could say that I'm taking it seriously… That's why I'm kind of laying low now and just trying to find time whenever I want to comment wherever site I'd want to. Hopefully, I'll be able to gain trusted network and community of other anibloggers far soon.

      • Gargron says: March 6, 20091:09 pm

        If you are interested my site started as a fansite in 2006 on a totally different host, then moved hundred of times and finally came to KokidoKombine where I imported only latest posts. The blog itself begun in middle of 2008 I think.

        Good luck with readers-collecting!

        • foomafoo says: March 6, 20091:21 pm

          Thanks Gargron, I think I shall add you on my link since I lurk on kokidokom – (not forums) but to the hosted sites. Although I'm still not that associated to 7 but just to kan.

          • Gargron says: March 6, 20091:27 pm

            Thank you! I'm liking Kanzie's blog as well. Shall we found a "Kanzeon Fan Club"? Lol. Maybe you should join us at the forums, we're going to build a nice & friendly community, and anyway there you can search for readers, huh?

  8. foomafoo says: March 6, 20091:32 pm

    I think I already have an account XD but haven't started to sight see the contents yet 😛 .

    • Gargron says: March 6, 20091:41 pm

      Oh, I remember! Yes, you're already registered there… I recommend you to at least link your site in your profile.

  9. Gargron says: March 6, 20095:33 pm

    I still remember it, Kairu. And I'm sure there's a bunch of people do.

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