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kiss under the tree...in the nyt of eclipse...?

Exclusive Entry for Valentines~! XD

I’m sure almost all anime(s) have this kind of legend from folklore to just rumors. Well I’d like to comment on the anime(s) usually featuring this kind of story… Not that I’m fed up already since it is actually romantic or rather funny to believe in. It’s so interesting how the imagination of humans kick in out of nowhere.

This might really be romantic if it would happen to someone of course since almost(I’m not summing up all) humans crave for someone they would love and love them as well in return. One must be hypocrite if he/she didn’t dreamed/daydreamed of his/her future having a happy family with an ideal someone. Surely, it would be a thrill if that ideal someone of yours is already beside you but you’re waiting for a good timing. Wouldn’t it be best if you can do it instantly by doing an eternal vow underneath the tree? Well, that is if something like this exist for the better and convenience of the so called LOVE.(I’m about to vomit, what a topic…)

Why are we sometimes caught up in these kinds of stories? Because we all know that we want to desperately believe that this exists. Romanticism as what others may call it, I don’t believe so. Humans just wanted to feel secured to not lose their beloved ones. A cheesy oath that would entitle the two of them as lovers. As if love is simply kissing underneath that tree. Love is not an easy thing, not base on experience, but as what I’ve observed. Love is very demanding. Would someone want to be in your side forever? Of course none. Vis-a-vis, you don’t want to stay forever with someone as well since that would be completely BORING~. Then being together forever is sadly improbable.

What I’m saying here is… Love/ Valentines is clearly not all about the material things you offer but also the thought that makes your relation fruitful and healthy. Clearly expressing it by simply being romantic like depending on legends such as depicted in the picture above would give you no less but a shallow relationship. If you believe that “that” is how to truly show your love, then your an idiot. Same as for those girls that would feel “on a cloud nine” after all those gimmicks.

Geh. Midterms Week. Hiatus.

  1. foomafoo says: February 10, 20098:57 pm

    Valentines Day is never written in my calendar. 🙂

  2. rollchan says: February 11, 20094:38 am

    ahh, Valentines Day… another cold one for me… No GF, No Life. LOL!


  3. Kriselle says: February 13, 200911:34 am

    I love that episode from Daa!Daa!Daa! ♥

    Happy Valentines Day!

    To celebrate, I shall spend my day watching the most kilig shoujo episodes. LOL

  4. 7 says: February 15, 20091:42 am

    @foomafoo: What a sad soul! V-day for me is a day where you get to use you date to get free food! :mrgreen:

  5. foomafoo says: February 15, 20099:04 am

    @Kriselle, Happy Valentines day too!~

    @7 Really, I haven’t celebrated it yet. Valentines is always a passable day for me since I’ve yet to find someone.

  6. Kitsune says: February 17, 20092:11 am

    Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

    “you don’t want to stay forever with someone as well since that would be completely BORING”

    I wonder if you ever truly loved someone…

  7. foomafoo says: February 17, 20098:18 am

    @Kitsune, I’d say no.

    But what I really meant by that statement was sticking together all the time without even getting together with your “friends” besides your koibito.

  8. Kitsune says: February 17, 200910:43 am

    I see. Indeed, time should be spent with friends as well.

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