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Comparative Analysis: Minorin

Since I have taken into consideration of reading Toradora’s translated light novel from baka-tsuki, I came across to the scene during ep. 6 where Ryuuji asked Minorin about an opinion to a person admitting that she is an airhead (Ami).

The english translation from the script was:

Minori closed her eyes and, reminiscent of the crucified Christ, raised both hands so very slowly while wearing a peaceful expression. Her expression that had been like that of a dead person very, very slowly shifted into a smile. Her hands ended up making a large circle over her head…at least, that’s what it looked like at that moment.


With her face crinkled and her mouth opened as if she were crying out, both her hands crossed violently in a slashing motion. They ended up forming an X.

I think almost all viewers that saw this scene rolled over the floor to ease their laughter. I already saw it turned into an animated .gif which lurked several anime forums and image boards.

Based from the translation above, I don’t know why J.C Staff made the last part kinda exaggerated. In contrast to the light novel version of the last segment. Well, I think it really was hilarious enough and a total whim out of the producers. It was totally unexpected and that caused to not clearly understand what was her answer to Ryuuji’s question.

In contrast to the anime version, Minorin’s face in the light novel is more moe. Descriptively speaking, both pictures are effective in capturing the script but then, I think the anime version is more accurate since it was written that “her face crinkled” which was not seen in the light novel illustration. Even so, it is exceptional since Minorin was made to look as if still cute even though that was her real expression during that time. But personaly speaking, even though Minorin is hyperactive, she doesn’t portray herself as a comic relief. Instead, she utilize it as a veneer to hide her true feelings. Because of this, I still see the moe picture much more appropriate to describe the scene because Minorin would undoubtly do that kind of face in front of Ryuuji.

Also, the next sentence in the light novel was referring to the “seemingly puzzled” face of her classmates when they saw Minorin did that which is rather vague since they should have been surprised not just puzzled by that kind of reaction if the expression used was the anime version.

  1. rollchan says: February 7, 200912:33 am

    minorin sux.

    ami-chan all the way.

    hey, nice site, kabayan.


  2. foomafoo says: February 7, 20091:00 am

    Well Ami got her good points as well like being sharp in things like love and stuff unlike Minorin who is defiant in admitting her feelings.

    But I like Minorin more because of her hyperactive nature unlike Ami who is kinda reserved and choosy with whom to talk with. She also gives off the “bitch-aura” XD.

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