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The Journey

Hmm. Persona 3. I already saw this RPG at the top of charts before I played it but it never really caught my attention because I got annoyed at the Shin Megami — wut? Never heard of that…

Anyway, here is my play time record:

Lv 90 ; 97hrs and 18 mins.

Persona Equipped: Melchiezedek (Max Justice Arcana)

Weapon: Evil Gloves.

So far, this is the longest RPG I have ever played. Tales of Abyss only took me 65+ hours while Wild Arms Vth Vanguard took me 70+ hours. Considering the “average” game play of that RPG is 100hrs, I still think that I must have played longer than that if and only if I’ve decided to level up all my allies around my level. My “final” party against Nyx was Aigis, Yukari and Mitsuru. Well, they are all girls and I should have included Junpei if only I did not took into consideration Yukari’s adeptness in healing and other recovery stuffs.

Mastered Social Links:

Justice, Chariot, Lovers, Devil, Emperor, Hanged Man, Sun, Fool, Judgement, Death


Strength — this girl is idiot! She got jealous with Yukari lolz


Magician — lolz, I always say I’m busy when he calls.

Haven’t even started:

Star XD

I haven’t use Orgia Mode yet and I don’t think it’s that useful. I’m quite amused with Aigis whenever I set her in Support since she does all the buffs and healing. During the whole game play, I’ve only used 1 Soma. I’ve unlocked Monad but I didn’t strayed that far because  almost died with some of the enemies XD. I’ve never dreamed of fighting Elizabeth in the first place XD.

—— Thoughts About Shin Megami Tensei:Persona 3:FES ; The Journey——

I was kind of grasped already by the game during the introduction because I think it was cool. Bluntly though, I don’t understand anything yet except Mitsuru is cool! Prior to playing this game, I think I’ve already read some spoilers when I did my research about Persona 3 and what the hell is it all about. Why the heck does it also includes date simulation?!?

I haven’t thought of any plan to master all of my social links during the first semester. It was too late already when kanzeon told me I’ve got to master all social links to fuse Orpheus Telos… which is rather impractical if I just want to finish the RPG. In the end, I still thank I’ve decided to master Justice since I like fist weapons.

Really, I thought 1 year is very quick just for finishing the RPG. I haven’t thought that it will still be your decision to keep on going to Tartarus every night and stay there until you’re worn out(which is what I usually do). I normally spend 6 hours of playing for just 4 days. 2 days being restday and 2 days just to level up my characters.

In March, I’ll start playing The Answer since February will be a heck busy with my midterms currently approaching.


  • At 2009.02.05 21:36, foomafooNo Gravatar said:

    @manga, whoa your Mitsuru does 1800!?!? Mine can only do 800…

    I think you’re referring to Armageddon which needs Lucifer and Satan. As I’ve posted above. I haven’t even started STAR Social Link XD! I don’t know how to fuse Satan either since chemistry(mixing) is taking me too long once I experiment on the combinations of inherited skills.

    Also, I’m not a fan of nth playthroughs since I’m bored easily once I know what’s gonna happen already… For that, I don’t see any significance on maximizing and mastering all XD.

    @kanzeon, hahaha, I didn’t even started that sequence of requests (you’re pertaining to the monster that drop Nihil xxx right?).I didn’t knew that you have to accept requests first before you can get the certain item XD. When I realized that, I’m already on the 2nd block. I skipped it because of that.

    I hate the 5th block though!!! It’s very dark and then they mixed it with rainbow colors, it is an eye sore T_T.

    Well, I think I’d love all RPGs that would have a school setting and social interaction with other characters :P . Persona 3 and 4 really are a breakthrough in the genre of strict RPG which only involves hack and slash to defeat the final boss.

    • At 2009.02.06 00:34, mangaNo Gravatar said:

      It was a long long time ago so I might remember wrong, I do remember that it was over 1000 and one hit one kill on the early stages of Nyx. So it has to be at least 1200.

      Thanks to Monad I think I had at least my main characters at lvl 99 so :)

      And yes, it is called Armageddon.

      I like the thought of having max social links thanks to the persona and the social links themselves that are fun and serious to read.

      • At 2009.02.06 16:51, kanzeonNo Gravatar said:

        @foomafoo: Lol when you thought that 5th block with retro-esque rainbow lights on P3 was an eyesore, wait until you get into Rise’s dungeon in Persona 4 :twisted: (but I like the music in there though..)

        • At 2009.02.06 16:58, foomafooNo Gravatar said:

          @manga, hmm, serioud to read? There is one thing I was so serious in the game and it was always during Edogawa-sensei’s class since he talks about the history of Magic!!! It was really fun listening to him.

          @kan, Yukiko’s castle is confusing enough already… I got used to the easy maps of Persona 3. Music… Speaking of BGM, I always mute the TV since I’m playing at night hahaha. I appreciate the lonely tune of p3 though (the bgm always played when you talk to Akinari, (Sun Social Link). “I’ll Face Myself” from p4 is also great 8)

          • At 2009.02.06 23:42, mangaNo Gravatar said:

            Yup. Getting to know Yukari and her story was touching for me. It shows of some nice real life situation that could happen.

            Wait till you get to a special dungeon in P4. Best thing that appeared in a long long time.

            The different classes were really nice to read about. You got to know a lot of info that you possibly already knew or learn something new. Everything was good. But sometimes I just feel that I wanted to move on and thus I took a quick nap. Hell I had knowledge up at rank 6 so I didn´t really need that lecture :p

            Kanji´s dungeon was fun to play :) Rise was so so. Not something I would want to experience in real life, but still nice and cuddly, like herself…

            • At 2009.02.07 01:07, foomafooNo Gravatar said:

              Lovers was actually my prioritized Social Link since only Yukari’s story piqued my interest. I never really thought of using Cybele. Yukari’s resolve is sometimes scaring me and I wonder at times if she’s doing it to look as if she’s strong. No wonder she’s like that.

              Yukari’s dialogue during fights annoys me though. She kept on shouting “I won’t miss!” — Then she misses. LOL.

              Ugh, I can’t relate with P4 XD. Still have FES in my hands but I took a peek and played until Yukiko’s castle but still haven’t rescued her. It’s awkward since Yosuke is the healer 8O

              • At 2009.02.07 03:03, mangaNo Gravatar said:

                Yosuke is a multi-management man as he has a lot of good points and he´s quite adept at multiple things. Be it healing(until you get higher healing spells) or lashing out wind damage or debuffing the enemies.

                I didn´t pay much need to what they said in battles. As it is only one or two things they say you just ignore what they say.

                Yukiko´s castle was fun. Have Chie learn Mabufu is a little tip :p

                • At 2009.02.07 16:01, foomafooNo Gravatar said:

                  Yes, Yosuke is relatively much useful than Junpei. It’s disappointing though since I like his choice of weapon but I’m stuck with a long sword…which has a very low accuracy rate…

                  Oh, Mabufu would help a lot killing the hand shaped monsters. I think she has Skewer and Bufu only at the time being :P

                  One thing I noticed also in P4 was the drastic increase of shadows you can encounter on a single battle XD.

                  • At 2009.02.07 18:12, kanzeonNo Gravatar said:

                    OMG YOUSUKE!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3 him!!!
                    (sorry about the random fangirling comment XD)

                    • At 2009.02.07 22:55, mangaNo Gravatar said:

                      If there are shadows close to each other or in the same room you will get to fight them in successive battles.

                      Which is kinda cool, clearing the stage of shadows in one go. But it can also get pretty nasty thanks to that you don´t know what kind of enemies you´ll face.

                      The reason I want you to learn mabufu with Chie is regarding the boss :p

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