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Birdy Decode 02

The OP ( 「kiseki」by Nirgilis) of this anime is awesome…(for me…) Well, I also like 「Sora」 by Hearts Grow during the 1st season although the first season’s OP is more groovy and this one has a somehow cute funky rhythm with it.

I don’t really know what’s going on but all I know is that Tokyo is currently still devastated due to the Ryunka prior to the first season.

Uhm, so Birdy has finally returned from where she left. What’s new? Well she looks more retarded this time! Considering Tokyo has been reduced to ashes, she still has her job as Arita Shion. Just like what I’ve expected from first episode’s resolution, Nakasugi would really be evicted in the series since she doesn’t have any value any more in the plot other than a love interest for Tsutomu.

This is the only show(so far) that has a skimpy clothing but doesn’t focus on the fan service and just deliver the plot to the viewers.

I surmise that season 2 would be all about Birdy’s past along with some missions. A new male character has been introduced to be her childhood which disappeared prior to the incident years ago in their planet. Also, she is currently pursuing the mastermind of the plan to sneak the Ryunka and have it tested on Earth. As a federal investigator, she is tasked to catch them…

Birdy has been serious during the first season but… she’s kinda aloof during this season and I don’t know why. Meanwhile, Tsutomu who is such a pain during the first season mustered up his composure and he finally somehow looked like a proper adult although he musn’t be reminded about Nakasugi. Season 2 haven’t disclosed yet what happened to Nakasugi but I doubt they would still offer the information since the Ryunka arc is now finished.

Tsutomu, for those who watched the season 1, got his body still “under repair” so the fusion with Birdy’s conscience is still effective by far.

Nataru, the seemingly good childhood friend of Birdy, suddenly appeared in front of her eyes in a hospital. As for what I’m sensing with Nataru’s aura…(lol) I think he’ll play  a big part in season 2. He had human a friend that has been petrified by the Ryunka during Birdy’s operation prior to season 1. Because of this, he was enraged to dealt with the “smugglers” of the said Ryunka to be tested on Earth. He plans to kill them one by one… or so? (because there are twins~)

The action of the Federation hasn’t been confirmed yet whether they would allow Nataru to continue killing all those who are responsible for the smuggling of Ryunka since Birdy doesn’t know yet that Nataru is the one responsible for killing all her targets. Also, it appears like Nataru’s father is helping the smugglers to sneak in Tokyo to still pursue their operation. Would Nataru also kill his father???

  1. kanzeon says: February 2, 20097:51 pm

    I love the OP because Nirgilis was the one who sang one of my fave anime OP everr, “sakura” on Eureka Seven ^_^

  2. hazy says: February 5, 20098:08 pm

    Loved both seasons’ OP themes!

    Hmm, I thought Nataru’s friend got turned stone-ish at about the same time when Nakasugi was the vessel… but I might’ve misunderstood the timeline. ^^; Anyway, I’d be watching this season as well.

  3. foomafoo says: February 5, 20098:35 pm

    What you’ve said is correct. Did what I typed different? Nataru’s friend was petrified when Nakasugi finally awakened due to Aizen(er..Syamalan)

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