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What a Team Blog is composed of.

Because of the latest ramblings I kept on seeing because of lurking to several anime blogs(like THAT), I  kept on encountering this certain topic about team blogging and team blogs itself.

I find the picture above from my compendium of stolen artworks from (pixiv as usual). Anyway, I think I can explain what composes the team blogs through the use of the LS picture.


Kagami represents the owner/admin of the certain domain. She is the main contributor to the site and maintains it as great as always. She is the one who normally does the blog theme and assures the availability of the blog every now and then. Simply, she’s the boss. She is kind of fast to get tired and somehow feels reliant to other authors to fill up what she must do. She is the most active in terms of having conversation with the audience. She also handles innovations and other new stuffs to improve more the blog. She’ll be the one you must approach if you want to exchange links with the team XD.


Tsukasa here is the happy-go-lucky blogger that somehow got interested in blogging and volunteered to help. She actually doesn’t get that much attention but she is happy since she writes. She is loyal to the blog and you’ll probably notice her very clearly once the owner goes down town or somewhat gets busy because she will be the one to fill up. She is the not-really-housekeeper of the blog. Well, she might be so cordial for now but she’ll soon realize that she has to keep her own…


Konata is the established solo blogger that decided to help out Kagamin with her visions to invade the blogosphere. She is profound with her ideas but she somehow manages to get some new ideas as well from the team blog that helps her thought much more than the normal dosage… She is more active than the admin/owner and other authors and you can somewhat tell that she is already overwhelming other writers in the team blog. Because of her, the persona of the blog is leaning towards her entries instead to that of the owner/admin or as a whole.


Team blogs won’t be complete without the lurkers and other very supportive entities out there. She is the active commenter of the blog and since she is known already to the authors, she is treated as a member of the loyal audience that would be ready to listen to any of the team blog’s entries and rants. She’ll never get tired of commenting and probably spamming your blog. Because of her exposure to the blog, she’ll be soon inspired to either join…or create his own personal blog.

This post is just a hunch of what a Team Blog is since I don’t really plan to join one  or create one in the future. Your comments are appreciated if you think I got some of it right or utterly wrong. These are all based on my observations and I do not intend to be offensive to anyone.

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says: January 16, 200910:08 pm

    I gotta hire them as my bloggers on my blog. /wink

  2. foomafoo says: January 17, 20097:43 am

    I'll be their fervent commenter instead hahaha.

  3. kanzeon says: January 17, 20099:37 pm

    Aww that’s a cute way to make counterparts of how each and everyone’s roles on a team blog :)! Team blogging is fun but I don’t have time lol. I agree with you, I prefer commenting on them XD…

  4. foomafoo says: January 18, 200912:17 pm

    I also think it is a serious business so I don’t know if I’ll stay alive with the team blog. Unlike if you are solo, you can take breaks as much as you want lol. Comparison won’t also be avoided and I don’t like that. If you are solo, the blog’s voice is solely just yours.

  5. manga says: January 31, 20099:54 pm

    The reason I started a Team Blog was because I wanted to try it out, to see if we could create something that would be good/cool and create a lot of posts.

    But it backfired on me and well, for some reason my co-bloggers didn´t tell me that they didn´t like my use of banners or images so the communication broke down. To this we add that it was basically one person who wrote except for me and I didn´t want to make it look like there was only two persons who posted.

    So all in all utterly failed. I broke the Team Blog up and decided to continue on by myself.

    My thoughts on Team Blogs in general though is that they want to contribute to people. With the case of Oi, Hayaku! they wanted to bring love to them and give love to their readers, everyone would win with that concept as well as writing really good posts.

    I´ve been part, or am part of one Team Blog where we just wanted to have fun and write stuff. But thanks to some trouble and fights and drama well it kinda died…

    So Team Blogs are a lot of fun, but it takes it´s toll on the parts as well. Which brings me to your anatomy with Lucky Star, it is pretty good 🙂

    Without comments from readers it feels really really bad and boring to write stuff down, espacially if it´s a Team Blog.

  6. foomafoo says: January 31, 200910:08 pm

    Yes, I was actually inspired to create a twitter account just to keep up with my blogmates and to widen my network as well. For that, I’m hoping to attract more audience.

    But then again, attracting audience won’t be that easy even though you build a mighty force of bloggers. I was first frustrated when I don’t have any comments when I started this blog but I suddenly became resolved of just being contented for the moment and do things slowly but surely and not do things so fast like joining team blogs immediately just to gain fame. Even until now, I haven’t been considering joining aggregates. Although it really is boring when you know that no one reads your entries.

    I’m having second thoughts though on having a helper like what tsui is doing in metanorn. I’d also like to redefine my linking policy….

  7. rollchan says: February 8, 200912:30 am

    going solo is much more ok rather than Team blogging, at least, for me. 🙂

  8. foomafoo says: February 8, 200910:48 am

    Well you’ll feel lonely sometimes but its okay since its up to our motivation when to write 😉

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