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My rant over crunchyroll.

Who cares about crunchyroll anyway? I think I just learned about this site last year when my classmate(who is a animefan just like me) introduced it to me. I should be the one who knows it but since I’ve been downloading lotsa from fansubbers and all over the net, I haven’t bother to check out streaming sites XD. Yes, not until the hard disk of my computer sought salvation due to lack of free space. (Anyway, the anime introduced to me was Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei which I still haven’t watched up until now LOL.)

I considered anime streaming since I realized that it is not economical to wait for hours just to drop the series that already piled up in your disk. I’ve always been late for covering first impressions. Why? I wait for the free streaming before I click for the go. Still, I have to download it to obtain satisfactory quality of screen caps. Crunchyroll has always been my refuge ever since my brother implemented the “Do not download anime(s) below the ranks”. Meaning to say, I just can’t download random series. It must have a high rating for it to qualify in his criteria. I can’t override any of his decisions since I’m the younger one (poor soul…)

I have to say that Crunchyroll really bloated me with animes that my brother won’t allow me to download. It offers vast variety of media across the net ranging from anime series, drama series, AMVs, official trailers and several cutscenes. I’ve already finished Clannad in CR before my brother finally decided to download it. Nodame Cantabile also includes the list of the anime rejected by my brother but then, I just decided to watch it silently in Crunchyroll.

I’m not saying that Crunchyroll has been turned into a junk site because I believe there are still many series I’d like to check out in their line up for 2009. I’ve actually been expecting the wipe out of all the fansubbed videos. What I didn’t expected? Geographical restrictions. HA, guess what anime I’m ranting for? SKIP BEAT… Yes, I’ll not rant for this anime if there is a nice resource I could find. And when I meant nice, it must be fast and with fine quality sub and video (which is rather uncommon). Did I just seem very demanding back there? Well I guess yes… I don’t expect Crunchyroll or any other sources to offer all just because the audience wanted to. In exemption, Crunchyroll offered it already yet again, they took it away from me(well not just from me). Isn’t that a little bit sad?

I don’t really know who shinji is since I’m not that active in the forums but I guess he really do his best with regards to the welfare of the site and the audiences during these past 2 years since he also have lots of supporters(I believe half of them would be from USA since they are the much benefited region). I’m just sad that this decision seemed to be the best for him when for my perspective… It’s the worst.

Placing media files on a website communicates it to the public, but while sound recordings and the films are communicated, they are shown to the public, they are not published by these means. This question on the Internet is distinct from the question whether the act is an infringement or not. (Einhorn, 2004)

I don’t believe that he has to do this kind of revolution just to spread legalities or to support further more the anime series. I believe that one of his reasons why he initiated to start this plan was for much faster upload of the series and much better quality. I agree that it would be faster since it has after 1 hour simulcast for selected series BUT who cares about simulcast when you still have to wait for the subs? Then again, there is still a need for fansubs…

So what is the difference now with the old and new CR? I believe it’s the wasted time of the fervent fans that uploaded the videos only to find out that they would be deleted in the end. Also, the sucker geographical restriction which I rather find so DISCRIMINATING. If these licensing companies would like to have massive increase in buyers, shouldn’t they allow everyone to view it? Not even one-half of the population lives in the USA…yet they decided to view it only to USA. tsk.(well not all.)


P.S. P3:FES didn’t reached the time limit. I guess I’ll continue playing it during Fri and Sat from now on since I’ll be back to school starting from Jan. 7 — Lesser visits and entries again I guess.

  1. Minnie says: January 5, 20097:15 pm


    Crunchyroll is definitely stressing me out too. I am trying to figure out whether I can watch Skip Beat anymore but with all these restrictions, I am uncertain. I really love that show and it is at a good part so it’ll be a shame to stop watching it. I hope both of us can find a way to watch our animes without all these complications. ^^

  2. foomafoo says: January 5, 20097:33 pm

    For now, I’m keeping my watch to Chihiro since they are the most updated so far. Ureshii-Yoroshiku keeps their job but I guess they are counted as quality sub and that would take time before they finish per episode. *sigh* Still hoping that shinji would resolve the geographical issues.

  3. hazy says: January 5, 200910:21 pm

    Where I’d watch Skip Beat was my main issue too. I settled with playing catch up and reading/marathoning the manga from episode 12 (or was it 13?) in the anime to the recent chapters. It’d still be awesome to see it animated though. I’d probably go watch Skip Beat raws now.

  4. foomafoo says: January 6, 20091:14 am

    Ugh, Raws huh… I don’t even know where to find the raws T_T. Even though I find raws, I might just end up dumbfounded since I do not understand a lot. Internet has left me in despair!!! T_T I’m actually keepin’ up as well with the latest chapters but just like what you’ve said, it’s better if we’ll see it animated…

  5. Yuuri says: January 7, 20099:09 am

    You can use tokyotosho.com and search for “Skip Beat raw” and you will get many raws to download from:) You’ll need a BitTorrent client in order to download^_-

  6. Kairu Ishimaru says: January 16, 20099:29 am

    F*ck that Crunchyroll. We should kill Shinji. ;_;

  7. Ryan A says: January 26, 20098:39 am

    Sometimes it’s better to say screw it. CR basically gained popularity because of fansubs, and in the end turned away from them for corporate benefit. What kills me is that if production houses want an online distribution system, fansubs were already in place, and they just voided any notion of it.

    Anyway, Clannad and Nodame were both notable series. It’s funny that your bro didn’t let you download them during airing, hehe.

  8. ritchan says: February 10, 20098:00 am

    Crunchyroll had always intended to do this from the start. shinji & co are from Stanford, what do you expect?

    CR also used to be a great place for me to check out alternative anime. It was there that I discovered Miyuki, I”s, and managed to watch a whole ton of LoGH without clogging up my hard drive or having the dorm’s transparent proxy screw lolipower.org up. Suffice to say it’s turned pop, and I sure as hell won’t be frequenting that place until they don’t have regional restrictions, and have a decent library, which I don’t think they’ll ever have again. Probably a whole ton of mainstream stuff I’ll download anyway.

    Speaking of which, this is the fucking internet. It’s really ironic on some level I can’t quite describe how a video streaming website actually has regional restrictions at all.

  9. foomafoo says: February 10, 20091:39 pm

    My computer’s hard disk just got corrupted yesterday because of anime downloads… Good thing I’ve retrieved them all XD.

    Crunchyroll still have good bunch of animes but the freakin’ regional restrictions is stupid. I think it’s part of IT’s Digital Rights Management for copyright things published in the internet…

    I was able to watch old shows in Crunchyroll like Daddy Long legs which is kinda slow to download since there are few seeders… It should have been a convenient place if this didn’t happen 😐

    Why did they posted it in the first place…

    I’ve also noticed that the buffering speed slowed down drastically. I think it has something to do with bandwidth limit between the subscribers and not… *sigh*

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