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Winter Picks so far…

I haven’t finalised yet this list but I posted my picks so far for the winter season. Recommendations are welcomed except ecchi(s). This list includes my preferred(or no choice at all…) fansubbing groups. All fansubs would still be modified once somebody does it much faster but retaining the quality at the same time. I got the info from here.

White AlbumEclipse

-Slice of life.

Hajime ni IppoSaizen

-Liked the first series.

Birdy 2AoShen

-Watched the first.

Kurokami – none yet so far

-It looks great, I don’t know the story…

Viper’s Creed – none yet so far

-The theme is interesting.

Maria Holicgg

-Sounds interesting even though there is the sadist and yuri thing…

Kemono no Soja ErinStatic-Subs

-The author of this anime is also the author of Seirei no Moribito so I guess I’ll pick this one too. Still not sure though if I’ll pursue it since I heard this is a 50-episode series.

*Asu no YoichiAnimeYoshi

-I’ll drop this anime if it’s ecchi.


-The story and description is really interesting since it involves heavy implied stereotypes among countries but I don’t know what to do if it is shounen-ai T_T.

Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai

-KyoAni XD



Tales of the Abyss

Clannad AS

Skip Beat! – I just don’t know now how I’m going to be updated with this series since kookiemonstar dropped it and I don’t like Chihiro’s sub… Anyway, looks like I’ve got no choice since crunchyroll restricts it on the whole Asia. *sigh*

Gundam 00 S2

  1. Minnie says: January 4, 20098:51 pm

    Hiya~ I found your blog thanks to somehow it being linked to my blog. XD I’m glad I saw your winter picks because they are very similar to mine. I’ll be sure to be checking your entries out to see. I am also having the same trouble with Skip Beat. I don’t want to drop it though because I love the anime so far. Oh well. I’ll think of something…

    Trade blog links? ^_^ >always happy to find fellow bloggers of same interests<

  2. foomafoo says: January 4, 20099:20 pm

    I really like Skip Beat! as a matter of fact, I’m reading the manga at the same time XD.

    sure! Already added yours 😀

  3. foomafoo says: January 6, 20098:37 pm

    Me as well, I picked Munto because of KyoAni… The story is kind of ridiculous but…Anyway, well see it. XD

    I already saw Kurokami but haven’t read yet the manga. I’ve read certain comments that the plot has been butchered up…

    White Album is pretty boring lol… I’ll just keep on watching for further grasp of the plot.

  4. tsuiteru says: January 7, 20091:37 am

    I'll be watching Munto for my KyoAni fanboyism's sake only XD. And KuroKami can be good or bad depending on your taste or if you had read the manga 🙂

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