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Sunrise thinks their funneh. XD oh, are they?

I think all viewers are informed of the latest gag among the names of the characters of the Gundam 00 S2. The one at left is the old version and I’m NOT the one who certainly drew that caricature. Anyway, I’m also watching Gundam 00 S2 just to inform everyone and I just can’t help but comment to this… First, Regene Regetta. Hmm, okay? So what’s so odd about it? Second, Healing Care. Uhm, I guess it’s somewhat clear now? Third, Revive Revival… Okay, There’s a Pharmacy (Marie Parfacy), Hospital (Healing Care) and a Graveyard this time? Looks like the drawing at the left could be fill out with infrastructures this time! Episode 10 introduced Anew Returner for everyone… Hmmm, still a pun but pretty decent for a Celestial Being member. Bring Stability… Perfect! Now the establishment would be constructed. Anyway, I’m so annoyed with the names yet I just can’t help but laugh out loud when I’m hearing their sickening names… XD

Allelujah’s name is the very very obvious of all puns and yet they are still not sick of it. They even explained why it was Allelujah and the Haptism surname being an anagram for the day he was baptized since he doesn’t have a name til he met Marie…[oops, spoiler…]

The Innovators’ set of names is very disturbing and I can’t imagine how the Americans would comment once S2 also become licensed and dubbed to air in the USA. Sunrise is well known for thinking lots of various names starring names of all the Gundams of course, the Knightmares, the characters and the military weapons used in their war-themed animes. With regards to that, if they could think of all cool names of the dreadnought ships and the missiles (like– Lohengrin! , Slash Harken? , Druid System?, GN Drive? , Trans-am?) Then why do a pun in characters’ name T_T ?. Considering they made pretty decent character names which are very unique(like— Lelouch? You’ll immediately recognize that he is from Code Geass. Lacus Clyne? Okay– the pink-haired girl from Gundam Seed… ), I don’t know why they seem to rely these days with very obvious origins and puns. Anyway, I can’t blame them since even those unique names have their own origins… (Oh I forgot, Mai-Hime got terminologies like Child and Orphan… T_T) Well, with Mai-Hime’s case, it came from different folklore, I wasn’t familiar enough so I just can’t help it as well but be dumbfounded when the ending episode(which I downloaded) had a fansubber’s note explaining into detail lots of origins of the Child’s name and some allusions from Japanese folklore.

To differentiate, Gundam 00 S2 explicitly shows the obvious and common.

There is nothing so unnatural as the commonplace – Sherlock Holmes

Oh, is that a style to lure out audiences? or just to make fun of us? We will know once the time is ripe.

out of topic: At last, I can at least celebrate Christmas in this blog. I can’t put up a header? Then I’ll put up a “body” banner! (Watch out for Kero tonight!) Still can’t fix the div settings of the header T_T

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