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Hagaren 2009

FullMetal Alchemist 2009! Cheers! I’ve been wondering ever since they announced the possibility of this anime. The thing was, I know that the manga is still running. Also, that the movie, Conqueror of Shambala, put an end to the series. Knowing that the movie is not canonical to the series (even the ending of the actual series), I really don’t know if they are planning to have a season 2 or an alternative retelling.

At last, it was confirmed that this anime would have an ALTERNATIVE RETELLING which follows the script of the manga(according to the synopsis from AniDB). This would be really interesting since I also liked the fiction + drama + slice of life -Ness of the first anime. Since it is a retelling based from the manga, I guess I’ll be enjoying this much more because a friend of mine has been bothering me months ago to read the manga. Even so, I said that there was a tentative news about having a second series so I have to wait first. Good thing my prediction was right! Although I somewhat believe that the manga is always often much more enticing than the anime adaptation, I’m just lazy to keep on clicking every page >.< so this will do. After all, it is still true to original. Hagane definitely belongs to my top 10 but let me see who’s the better one. The said series would be running for one year starting April next year.

For those who are still confused, Hagane 2009 won’t be a season 2… It would be an alternative retelling of the first series based from the manga. I just don’t know why some calls it Hagane 2.

Kyaa! April is also the premier of Detective Conan 13th movie! I’m so excited~ Next year would be an action-packed season!!!

  1. blissmo says: December 11, 20081:59 pm

    I don’t know about having a second season. I mean, the first one was good the way it was 😛

  2. blissmo says: December 11, 20082:02 pm

    Annnnd, I like your new layout!

  3. foomafoo says: December 11, 20088:55 pm

    Thanks blissmo 🙂 . The previous FMA didn’t had the true ending based from the manga since it still ongoing by that time… and up until now XD

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