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The 13th and the Last?

Okay, I know that a lot of people has been bored already about what’s gonna to Meitantei Conan since it fell to the category of perpetual ongoing animes. Even so, I guess there are still lot of people that vehemently support the yearly Golden Week movies of Detective Conan. It is one of the widely known anime in the world since it’s been running for nearly 13 years yet the plot hasn’t been resolved yet. Because of that Gosho Aoyama, the author of Detective Conan, has already treated Shounen Sunday as his home.

This news has been known to everybody already since October but I can’t help it but be alarmed when I saw this remark about the movie in the Wikipedia. Anyway, Wikipedia is not that credible but it is also one of the most updated sites in the web.

Update!: The information in the wiki has been updated and the screen cap above is now not existing. It really maybe is just a rumor.

Well, I’m not saying we should believe this right away. I’m also not saying to everyone to be depressed about it. If this would be the last movie, chances are, Meitantei Conan must also be approaching as well its final chapters. If that’s so, then the most action-packed, awaited, exciting and blood-boiling Black Organization Arc draws very near. The true identity of the organization and as well as the leader may be disclosed prior to the upcoming chapters. This idea was also reinforced by the latest chapter of the (Spoiler!) manga (Spoiler!)

Mysteries and Secrets Revealed! Volume 19: The Case Closed Casebook wrote:

Absolutely nothing is known about the person who commands the Black Organization and its members. It may be a man or woman, young or old, Asian or Westerner—not a single detail has come to light yet. Even Gin and Vermouth, senior syndicate members, refer to the leader only as “that person”.

The only hint given so far is the leader’s email address. Known only to a select few within the Black Organization, such as Vermouth, the email address plays a famous Japanese melody called “Nanatsu no Ko,” or “The Seventh Child.” According to Aoyama, the author, the name of “that person” has already appeared in the manga in some form.

It logically follows that the leader is someone readers are familiar with, so this hint has led to frantic fan speculation. Fan sites are abuzz with comments such as “Maybe it’s Professor Agasa!” or “thas to be Kogoro Mori!” Some theories are well-founded and compelling, while others are clearly crackpot suggestions meant only as jokes. However, any of them could still be true, until the author reveals the secret. The only other hint Aoyama has given so far is that “It’s someone that Haibara would never have expected.”

Aoyama also suggests that the true name of the syndicate, which has also never been revealed, is tied to the identity of its leader. If the Black Organization’s real name were revealed, everyone would know who its leader is. This may turn out to be the biggest hint of all.

Whatever the secret is, once it’s revealed, the Case Closed story will begin its final chapters. As a result, it may be some time before we find out who the mysterious leader really is…giving us all plenty of time to keep speculating.

Source: http://holmesstudy.fopim.com/

First of all, please don’t be excited since my basis is only the rumor about movie 13 being the last movie production. If that would truly happen(sad), then my assumptions are only likely to happen as well. The other reasons for the rumor about the movie might be because of the decline of new ideas or funds maybe but for sure, it won’t be a problem regarding the audience since Detective Conan has many viewers. Will Gosho Aoyama finally end his manga just like what Rumiko Takahashi did with her Inuyasha? Beats me.

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says: December 6, 20089:22 pm

    Detective Conan? Pass. Cant they stop making new anime about it?

  2. foomafoo says: December 6, 20089:36 pm

    What about it? I’m pertaining to the movies and roughly 26M Japanese people have seen the 12 movies consecutively and it’s just sad if the rumor about the 13th being last is true.

    It is also not so long before Detective Conan eventually ends according to the author. It would be a shame for me to not witness a decade old anime to have its last chapters isn’t?

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