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Tear’s Grand Fonic Hymn

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Singer: Yukana (Tear’s Seiyuu)

Okay, Guess what! I managed to find the full version of Tear’s Hymn. This hymn is composed of her seven individual hymns in accordance with each fonons XD. Grand Fonic Hymn is what it is called once it is sang continuously.

It was sang by Tear during the final boss fight. I just want to share the song since it is good piece as well. Also, the one who sang this is Yukana (Tear’s seiyuu ; C.C’s).

This song kinda reminds me of Aimo since you can’t understand it but you can still feel the cool melody of the song on your ears. It is just soothing to hear so I decided to find it and I finally found it from the OST of the game. I’m not very sure what language or is this even a language but it sounds like Latin or French.

I got this transcribed lyrics of the song but I’m not if this is quite the correct lyrics of the song.

First Song – (Nightmare – First Fonon; Dark)
Toue Lei Zue Kuroa Ryuo Toue Zue
Pronounced: “Tway Lay Zway Kro Ryo Tway Zway”

Second Song (Force Field – Second Fonon; Earth)
Kuroa Ryuo Zue Toue Ryuo Lei Neu Ryuo Zue
Pronounced: “Kro Ryo Zway Tway Lay N’way Ryo Zway”

Third Song (Holy Song – Third Fonon; Wind)
Va Lei Zue Toue Neu Toue Ryuo Toue Kuroa
Pronounced: “Vah Lay Zway Tway N’way Tway Ryo Tway Kro”

Fourth Song (Revitalize – Fourth Fonon; Water)
Ryuo Lei Kuroa Ryuo Zue Lei Va Zue Lei
Pronounced: “Ryo Lay Kro Ryo Zway Lay Vah Zway Lay”

Fifth Song (Resurrection- Fifth Fonon; Fire)*
Va Neu Va Lei Va Neu Va Zue Lei
Pronounced: “Vah N’way Va Lay Vah N’way Vah Zway Lay”

Sixth Song (Grand Cross – Sixth Fonon; Light)
Kuroa Ryuo Kuroa Neu Toue Lei Kuroa Ryuo Zue Lei Va
Pronounced: Kro Ryo Kro N’way Tway Lay Kro Ryo Zway Lay Vah”

Seventh Song (Judgment – Seventh Fonon; Sound)**
Lei Va Neu Kuroa Toue Lei Lei
Pronounced: “Lay Vah N’way Kro Tway Lay Lay”

The lyrics’ credit goes to SesshomarusMoonlite from http://www.fanart-central.net/

*Resurrection’s description from the game didn’t mention anything about the usage of Fifth Fonon but it is suggested that this is the Fifth Hymn.

**I’m not really sure if Judgment really make use of Seventh Fonon since I didn’t chose to learn it or maybe I should say I didn’t know it existed.

Okay guys, that’s it. This would be the last post for the week since my hosting stuff would be having an “upgrade” and massive transfer of files from Wed-Sat. I don’t even know as well if this post would be posted XD since it might not be included in the transfer. Anyway, partly because I’m going to study as well for my finals.

  1. Anonymous says: February 27, 200911:27 am

    Resurrection is a fonic arte and therefore Judgment is #6. Seventh song can’t be used in game and only appear in Grand Fonic Hymn at the final battle.

  2. Anonymous says: October 9, 20104:15 am

    I listened to the song many times and this is the way that I feel It's correctly pronounced:
    “Tway Lay Zay Kro Ryo Tway Zay”
    “Kro Ryo Zay Tway Ryo Lay Nel Ryo Zay”
    “Vah Lay Zay Tway Nel Tway Ryo Tway Kro”
    “Ryo Lay Kro Ryo Zay Lay Vah Zay Lay”
    “Vah Nay Vah Lay Vah Nay Vah Zay Lay”
    "Kro Ryo Kro Nel Tway Lay Kro Ryo Zay Lay Vah”
    “Lay Vah Nel Kro Tway Lay Nay”
    Can anybody verify these as legit. They sound right to me.

    • foomafoo says: October 18, 201012:56 am

      Actually, I'm not capable of verifying that either because both somewhat fits… Unless TOA releases the authentic lyrics, we'll never know which is right or wrong.

  3. x.x says: May 12, 20115:18 pm

    *sigh* you're sorta both wrong ^^
    the fonic hymns are an Auldrantian version of the do-re-mi-fa-so….. tones

    • foomafoo says: May 12, 20115:57 pm

      could you please tell us where you got that info? i don't think that was ever mentioned in the game.

  4. dezeddah says: June 6, 20116:08 pm

    thx for the lyric

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