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Skip Beat! Manga and Anime

Ahaha, looks like I have to admit that I got too carried away and decided to read the manga in advance to know the story. I really don’t know why such an interesting plot since 2002 just got animated later after 6 years.

Skip Beat! seemed to me as a cheezy shoujo anime when I first heard it. I tried searching it on the net and what I got was the picture of Kyoko with a seemingly BALLET dress so I quit the idea of reading it. I thought it has something to do with music and dance which is heavily implied on the title and the picture I saw years ago (specifically from the Wikipedia entry).

If I have to guess how long the anime would be adapted, I think it has to be about 70 episodes since one issue of the manga is 31 pages and enough already to make a complete cliffhanger for the next chapter. Regarding the anime, I don’t know why Kyoko was seen in the OP of the anime with long hair since her hair is still the short one. I hope the Production company doesn’t fabricate the storyline of the anime once it draw near the latest chapters.

It’s been a while since I saw the common face faults from anime shows and it refreshes my mind from keeping on seeing smooth animations and transitions of the character faces.

Kyoko might seem very plain and ordinary girl when you see her but her skills is very notable and I’m just amazed on how it became useful for her showbiz life just like her training on the tea ceremony and hotel keeping. Also, she always seem to be older than what her age really is. She is only 16 during the introduction (17 since she celebrated her birthday already) and she must still be studying but that damn Shoutaro tricked her and that cause her to stop her studies. She is actually so damn responsible! She attends school, shooting doramas, goes to her part time(Bo), and attends as well on the LME acting workshop all at the same time!!! Kyoko just think differently compared to the characters I’ve encountered in animes. She always appear to be dumb though she is actually very smart(her grades are top notch!) in strategizing and synthesizing her own role on how to portray it. This is her unique personality that differentiates her from other characters. It must have been due to her past experiences that she has basis on her roles but I just can’t seem to predict what she thinks about the characters’ personality based on the synopsis samples given to her.

Even though the story has revolved already for 131 chapters(as of), the only thing I don’t like is Kyoko’s dependence towards Ren which is sometimes uncalled for. She always tend to be reliant to Ren’s decisions which I really think not so right even though their relationship to each other just seems to be not just colleagues anymore. I don’t see any chance anymore for Shou to be committed once again to Kyoko but he is still important part of the story since the vengeance plot is still around although it is not the primary reason anymore.

Kotonami has been “cast away” and I hate this idea since I thought she’ll be with Kyoko and they’ll both become famous in the industry at the same time. Sawara-san also seemed to be forgotten during the latest chapters even though he was the very first one to help Kyoko to enter the industry. The beagles(Vie Ghoul) also vanished into thin air and I wasn’t able to hear anything from them anymore as well as Shou.

The manga is a worthy read and it is very decent for all ages. It might just become my favorite anime this year so I hope the anime adaptation follows the manga!~

  1. madalina says: March 6, 200911:38 pm

    would you happen to know how many chapters the manga has.It is still ongoing?Thank you!

    • foomafoo says: March 7, 20093:35 am

      About the Skip Beat!, it is still ongoing but if you want to know the
      current chapter as of now, it is 135. You can read it on onemanga.com

  2. mei says: June 24, 200912:26 pm

    i like it very much! i followed the episodes in manga coz we all know that anime wasn’t finish, and i enjoyed it…

    i’m not happy that Taiwanese actress like ariel lin will play kyoko, because she’s not suited for the role..honestly…sorry but its true

    • foomafoo says: July 4, 20097:20 pm

      yep, I liked it as well but the ending was a real cliffhanger XD… The next part is already dark moon o_O and they cut it at that part…

      I actually haven’t seen yet the Taiwan drama but I also heard Jerry Yan’s doing Ren… Hmm…Don’t know if the role also suits him.

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