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Episode nine changed my mind.

Okay, this time, I guess I underestimated an anime. Well, I think I’m glad I did that since I don’t want to be utterly disappointed from picking shows which I won’t like in the end. I thought Toradora is just your mediocre high school themed anime but I suppose not. Episode nine really changed my first impression about the anime and I’m glad that I pursued to watch it even though I felt like watching School Rumble.

Unlike the previous episodes, I don’t see any unique scenes or ideas that would recreate it as something notable in my mind. I was always reminded by Saito and Louise during the first episodes and I’m deeply frustrated since I just keep on seeing tsun-tsun and dere-dere moments between Taiga and Ryuuji. Episode nine hinted me the character development I’ve been waiting all this time. It was pretty hilarious during the first scenes but it managed to enjoy me. The scene that made impact to me was the conversation between Minorin and Ryuuji. I just can relate to what Minorin said about all the love thing since I’m also far beyond its reach as well. If someone would ask me a parallel question, I might answer the same thing. The scene with Taiga and Ryuuji after the midnight dinner might have been the best scene since the setting was very romantic if only Ryuuji went along with what Taiga has been saying and thinking.

For now, I see Taiga being reluctant if she really likes Yusaku or not. Meanwhile, I don’t really understand what Ami-tan is thinking. Ami seems to be joking with all her provocations to Ryuuji so I can’t say if she really has intentions to Ryuuji. Minorin is invulnerable for now and if this keeps on, Ryuuji might lean on and end up with Taiga. Yusaku is… I just can’t seem to describe this character. I thought he was a decent person when I saw him but I guess he also has several idiotic tendencies.

For now, I have decided to carry on on watching Toradora and I hope I’ll like it even though it is another tsundere story.

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