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Tales of the Abyss : RPG Resolution

Okay, let me write something about this game. Okay, I’ll admit that I played this game out of excitement because I found out that it would later be adapted into an anime. I actually never paid any attention to any of the Tales Collection since I had a hard time playing the first(Tales of Phantasia) so I quit the idea but then I was persuaded to do so 😀 . After watching three episodes of Tales of the Abyss anime, I decided to play and I got puzzled when the dialogues and the subtitle that the gg uses is quite same in the choice of words! I was convinced that they must have been playing the game as well as fansubbing the anime at the same time.

The opening of both the anime and the rpg both depicts Luke and Asch fighting which made me get the wrong idea that Asch was the antagonist in the story when he is not. I had a hard time playing this game because of the battle system. The direction of the attacks is always linear and it got me killed twice during my whole game play XD. Even so, I like the system because it allows the player to evade and guard the attacks of the enemy in your own will. Sadly, I can only control one character manually and the rest are like programmed bots (like “Gambits” in FF12). I personally chose Guy as my main control since he is faster and his back step(or should I call it backwards somersault) is cool. His fonic artes are also easy to control and easy to activate. I also preferred to control Natalia during the early stage of the game because I was so lazy to move so I went to the one who has the bow and arrow(although she sucks when you are trying to kill small and flying monsters). I was only able to realize Luke’s strength and decided to finally control him during lvl 50* mildly because of poetic purposes and partly because I got bored with Guy. My favorite moves are Luke’s Raging Blast & Guardian Field, Guy’s Tiger Blade and Tear’s Severed Fate.

Out of the Six-God Generals, I really really like Legretta! She has similar fonic artes with Tear since she is Tear’s personal instructor which taught her the proper combat and also gave that stoic personality. I have to say that all the characters have nice character development in the story. I’m only disappointed with the rivalry and pairing between Sync and Guy -__-, I bet it’s because they both have the speed. All the Six-God Generals have deeper relationship to the six main characters except the two I mentioned above since they hardly know each other before the journey started.

One of the reasons I enjoyed the game was because of the concept of the Score. I find the concept of escaping the destiny and the future amusing. Luke’s very evident change throughout the game exhibited the amazing character development of the story. Of all the characters, I really didn’t use Jade at all even though he could cause several “Field of Fonons”, I just can’t appreciate his ability because he is extremely slow at attacking which is very ironic since the Six-God Generals keep on saying that he is hard to kill. Even so, I believe that JADE CURTISS is the very root of the story! (Viewers would soon find out why. He is extremely genius and partly insane) Just like Luke, I was also annoyed when I got to hear all the fon-fon stuffs the first time I played the game without even knowing what are they. They also included this several stuffs like Qlipoth, the miasma, the Planet Storm, Lorelei, Passage Rings and all other stuffs. When I first arrived in the Yulia City, I remembered the Cora Headquarters from RF Online since the portals and the designs are quite the same.

I was disturbed when I saw a resembling DAMOCLES from Code Geass which is called Eldrant in the game. It served as the final dungeon for the game. The ending is quite hard to beat without few Miracle Jellies and Life Bottles at hand. Natalia’s bot is so idiotic for she doesn’t automatically use Revive once an ally dies. The last moments of the game is very sad because someone had to sacrifice his life just to beat Van. At last, after appearing before Van, the fight began and I managed to knock him out. The Grand Fonic Hymn part is very weird, I though it was weird that my HP gauge disappeared out of nowhere and I didn’t know that it already marked the defeat of Van. Oh, by the way, Grand Fonic Hymn is the continuous version of Tear’s seven songs sang simultaneously.

The Epilogue of the game is romantic in a sense that the scenery was similar to the Tataroo Valley where the journey began. The world is finally independent to the Score and Malkuth and Kimlasca is finally at peace. LukexTear pairing is heavily implied in the ending of the story.

The funny part here is, I wasn’t able to learn Tear’s Seventh Hymn yet she was still able to sing the whole hymn lol.

I’ll still watch the anime so I’ll be able to compare it to the RPG once it ends.

I didn’t mentioned any spoilers did I? Except the very revealed fact that Van would be the final boss.

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