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Tidying up

I’ll be using this theme at the time being for testing and stick with it if I’ll like it better than the previous “Twilight” theme so I’ll be tidying up my posts with pictures that have excessive width. My finals would be on Dec 10 and 11 so after that would be the real deal when I’ll be back. [I’m planning to write an after thoughts entry about tales of the abyss rpg within this weekend and I hope I’ll have the time.]

Any passer by, please give a thought about the new theme. thanks.

The only thing I’m disappointed about the theme is the header since my header rotator plugin doesn’t work and it is so wide so I guess I’ll be making a new sets of headers again if I want to utilize the width… Anyway, I still need to modify the header settings because my brother said that it’s very gloomy compared to the previous one XD.

  1. kanzeon says: December 1, 20089:58 am

    I actually find this nice (I love your previous theme too) ^_^ Well, hope your headers will be fixed ^_^

  2. foomafoo says: December 3, 20089:38 am

    Thanks thanks 😛 . My headers are hopeless. I doubt that I could celebrate Christmas with it XD

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