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Wow! A post!

Okay, being frustrated will do me no good. I’ve been keeping up with the series like Toradora!, Clannad AS, Gundam 00 S2, Tales of Abyss and Nodame Cantabile: Paris Chapter. I’ve added a new show to my list and it’s Skip Beat. I’ve already heard of it before the animation itself from my friend but it was shoujo so I wasn’t interested at all in the first place since I found the plot (which revolves around SHOW-BIZ) very cheesy or I might very — ughh… What I’m thinking before was the very thought Kyoko had when she first heard the name Love Me Section which really choked me to laughter.

Anyway, Nodame has only 11 episodes and I’m very sad that it won’t last long unlike the first which really satisfied me a lot. Many mentioned Nodame being the independent these days. She also exhibited a very unexpected move from the episode 5. I might consider reading the manga if I get too much excited in the ending of this chapter.

With the Tales… I’m not very optimistic that I’ll still be able to blog this one but I’m also playing right now the game and I’m already at 2/3 of the game. My very first pertaining to hate Luke was what the viewers are currently experiencing. I hope their love for Luke come back once he cuts his hair. This would mark his change in the game and much mature thinking. Many disclosures would be revealed pretty soon in the anime and maybe the viewers already got their clues about Luke and Natalia. Sync’s identity is pretty obvious already.

I’m really enjoying myself watching Skip Beat and I really got hunches that Shoutaro is Mamoru Miyano which I got right but I didn’t expected that Kyoko and Ren is Yoko and Kamina XD. With the ordinary thinking of humans, I expect people would also refer Kyouko as a persistent, trying hard and desperate foolish woman trying to climb the stairs by leaping ahead. Even so, I find it interesting because I also want to see Shoutaro’s face when he got face to face with Kyoko reborn.

Clannad AS is still dramatic as ever and I find the previous episodes the resolution for the supporting characters such as Sunohara himself, Mei-chan, Misae-san and currently, it’s Yukine’s part. I think the rest would follow before the truth unfolds with the main character and the heroines. I just don’t know when Fuko would show up. I’ve read few spoilers from the visual novel from Wikipedia but… I just don’t know how to react if that would be the really thing to happen. The robot and weird girl is very annoying as the first preview Xd.

Toradora! is so-so, I’ve been accustomed to it already but I don’t see anything new or any thing that would get my hopes up about the show except Minorin’s horror face. I don’t see anything out of ordinary… Anyway, maybe the anime is still introducing the full cast and now that Ami-chan have completed the slots, maybe the true twists and character developments would slowly begin to progress.

I have nothing to say about Gundam 00 S2…haha lol. I want the plot and I’m currently waiting what’s the plan with all that Mr. Bushido crap.

I remember going to 4chan every Sunday because of the Code Geass R2 craze but all of those are gone… I’m missing all those “fanfictions” all the anons are coming up because of the screwed up plot of R2. I guess Code Geass’ timeline is already finished.

I lost interest with Jigoku Shoujo and Ga-rei… so maybe I’ll be watching them next year?…

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says: November 15, 20088:15 pm

    Yay! A post! XD

  2. jitensha says: November 18, 20088:25 am

    I’ll be seriously back during Christmas vacation. hahahaha…

  3. Kriselle says: November 20, 200811:15 pm

    I haven’t watched all these series but I had to reply when I read about Clannad. It made me remember about my attempt to start the manga. The art was lovely but I just couldn’t grasp what the story is all about, and the characters were… too hard to understand. I might be jumping to conclusions without even trying to update, though.

  4. jitensha says: November 21, 20087:43 pm

    I guess we are alike with what we think about Clannad. It really is visually stunning and entertaining but the story just keeps on branching out and I sort of can’t follow. I like the concepts they are introducing to the viewers but it is also vague for it somehow doesn’t connect with the story.

    And by the way!, I finally finished Tales of the Abyss (RPG) and I was annoyed by a similar Sky of Damocles as the final dungeon.

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