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My goodness, when I thought I could return in the end of the month, I guess it will be extended XD! This is so frustrating. I’ve got tests here and projects over there XD. My plans got ruined especially the episodic blogging with TotA… huhuhu. I’ll certainly come back grr! Oh I hate this feeling being left behind XD… I’ve got 2 essays, reporting modules, quiz tomorrow, quiz next monday and it gets piled up whenever I thought that it’s already finish. rawr!

  1. kanzeon says: November 5, 20089:27 pm

    OMG you’re so busy too… My storm had just passed several weeks ago (school programs, projects, tests, dance competition, camping, theatre) and now it’s the start of the second semester on our school. Now I’m taking applications here and there for college XD. I guess we’re both so busy.

    Don’t panic, just prioritize what’s important first ^_^. Good luck with all of your school activities and have fun catching up on anime as soon as you have some free time :).

  2. blissmo says: November 7, 20083:34 pm

    At least your mind’s occupied. Mine’s blank everyday

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