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Tales of the Abyss; the Anime and the RPG

Hisashiburi everyone! My midterms is finally finished!

Anyway, I’ve got something new here :D. Okay, I know everyone knows the new anime for the RPG Tales of the Abyss right? Since I’m planning to watch it regularly, I also tried to play the RPG at the same time (I guess I’m 2 episodes far now if the anime would follow the RPG’s plot) Anyway, I think it is very cool hahaha. I guess I can compare now between the anime and the RPG which piques me more. Also, I’m very very ashamed of what I have posted about the first 2 episodes of Tales of the Abyss and all the talk about the introduction I’ve seen. The introduction I’ve seen with the boat was actually Suikoden 4/5 and I got it mixed with Tales of the Abyss. Tales of the Abyss game also have intrumental opening theme unlike the anime’s which has the lyrics.

The only difference between the anime during the first episode was Princess Natalia visiting Luke which actually did not happen based from my game-play. Luke also didn’t jumped from the window of his room in the castle, it was actually Guy who did enter from the window to visit Luke. I don’t know the relation between Pere and Guy but they share the same room in the game, I guess their servants after all. Guy’s gynophobia was also implied very early on the series during his encounter with a maid. In the game, the first implication was during the first handshake with Tear. Anise and Jade really did appear in the anime really early at the same time Ion appeared.

With the episode 2, the liger’s forest is actually underneath the Cheagle Forest and not just across the Cheagle’s nest. Tear and Luke wasn’t actually that weak against the Queen Liger but it just has a lot of HP. I bet they could still defeat it without Jade’s help prior to the anime and the RPG. Jade was originally level 45 during his first attempt to join the party while defeating the Queen Liger but he was level downed when Largo cast a fon slot curse upon him enabling him to be at the same level with the characters (about level 6-8). What I said about Ion fainting was also not true. He did collapsed but he still managed to keep on walking. Mieu is still maltreated and I guess it is really extreme XD.

During the episode 3, Ion and Legretta were shown unlocking the “Sephiroth” near the place Tartarus stood by. It was actually not shown in the RPG but it was implied that it really was the thing Ion did. The scene during the attack and their rampage during the escapade is also similar except Luke’s nervous breakdown during his “first blood” when he killed the Oracle soldier. The soldiers where actually slept because of Tear’s fonic hymn but Luke accidentally woke up the soldier thus attacking him. About the quality, I appreciate the anime scenes much better because of the poor quality on the PS2 XD. Before reaching the events at the episode four, It was already revealed in the RPG that Tear is somewhat the heir for the fonic hymns Yulia also possess. That means Van also have the blood of the prophet. By the way guys, Largo is still not dead!

For the episode 4, Asch was seen ordering Dist and Arietta but it wasn’t shown in the RPG. It was late during the attack at the Kaitzur Naval Port that Arietta told them it was Asch who told him to do the ambush. Agreeing to Arietta’s demand to go to the Chorale Castle (which was said to be the place where Luke was found right after he was kidnapped), they chased Arietta at the rooftop until she played her tricks to capture Luke unlike the one shown in the anime where she did the ambush at the stairs.  Arietta actually claimed that the Queen Liger is actually her mom during the encounter at the river they crossed in order to get to the boundary not during this battle. Guy also didn’t had a memory flashback from the RPG but what he said about the death of his family is true.

So far, the anime hasn’t stepped too much far from the RPG that could cause a whole different plot.

Tear uses the sprite of the weapon named “Cane” from the game in the anime. I was also surprised to find out that Anise also uses staff to do her puppet thing.

Guys and gals I don’t know if you notice the resemblance between Sync and &^$#$. It was him the he was referring he should not meet.

Spoiler Alert! : Sync can use Daathic Fonic Artes. If you would play the game, you’ll notice it very early anyway. I just don’t know the reason why they are very semblance with each other. I also bet that Natalia would be joining the party at episode 6/7 depending on the pace after they reach Chesedonia. I also find this funny but Natalia could do more than Double Strafe but Triple… Only Tear and Natalia are the Seventh Fonon users. They could actually be identified very easily because they are the only ones who can do the healing.

I’m too sad that Ion is unplayable…

I also hope that people who watch this anime don’t end up hating Luke because I’m already hating him. lol.

ALSO, pi’s value(which is 3.14159265…..) has something to do with this anime/RPG and it’s very annoying. I don’t remember what it was again but I immediately recognized it…

I also NOTICE this very very very NOTICEABLE thing about the series and the fansub I watched. I don’t really know the reason but they are strikingly similar in the dialogues and the subtitles I read. I really presume that gg is also playing the game, at the same time getting the subs from it. I surmise that the subbers are also fans XD.

I guess this would be the very first anime I’ll be doing a episodic blogging!!! That is, starting episode five.

  1. Kairu Ishimau says: October 24, 20085:33 pm

    FINALLY~! Exams are over! XD
    Tales of the Abyss.. Yeah my friend used to play that game. She once recommended it to me. I quite like it. 😀

  2. jitensha says: October 24, 20087:11 pm

    “SHE?” wow you have a female friend who plays RPGs?

  3. Kairu Ishimau says: October 25, 20086:03 pm

    Yes. What so shocking about that?

  4. jitensha says: October 26, 200812:40 pm

    well, it’s rare to see female gamers XD.

  5. Jena says: November 18, 20087:29 am

    How is that rare? I love video games 🙂 I never really get to beat them, but they are a huge part of my life.

  6. jitensha says: November 18, 20088:20 am

    Haha, well I guess I’m sticking with the stereotypes. that’s why XD

  7. foomafoo says: December 4, 20083:24 pm

    Correction: Tear, Natalia, Luke, Asch and Van are the primary Seventh Fonists in the story. I’m not sure with Ion’s case.

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