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Otaku Awards 2008!

Guys, come on! Let us support Kairu for his project of having this awards every year. The nomination for the nominees is already finished so please find time to vote for the said event!!! You could also help by spreading the word! Thanks everyone.

The awards would be held at Kairu-kun’s Yoroshiku Anime Blog.

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says: October 12, 200812:57 pm

    Awww~ Thanks for supporting the event! Oh hey, would you like to sponsor the event?

  2. jitensha says: October 12, 20081:41 pm

    What do you mean by sponsoring? What am I suppose to do?

  3. Kairu Ishimaru says: October 12, 20081:46 pm

    Like in this blog entry, your supporting the event and spreading the word. 😀

  4. jitensha says: October 12, 20081:48 pm

    I think I have to reject the offer, I’m not a big personality to be able to encourage numbers of people to vote unlike Kanzeon. XD

    As far as I remember, this is what kanzeon used:

  5. Kairu Ishimaru says: October 12, 20081:53 pm

    Oh. I understand. Well thanks again for supporting~!

  6. blissmo says: October 15, 20088:31 am

    Too bad I’m not otaku

  7. Kairu Ishimaru says: October 18, 20088:38 pm

    @blissmo: haha

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