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Nodame Cantabile Paris-hen, [way beyond my vocabulary…]

Hahaha, Welcome back Nodame! I really really like this show even if I’m not into music (I don’t even know how to play any instrument, but maybe I could handle a ∆ XD) I’m actually not so indulged in this kind of anime but I enjoyed La Corda so I thought I should also try this one because they both deal with music.

Okay, for the impressions. The quality of the drawing has improved its smoothness and texture and I can tell that they really invested a fund for it. The quality for the 3D part (the piano playing part) is very timed carefully and kind of exact when you try to imagine a person doing it so I really felt awed-struck.

I can’t actually picture in my head the modern Paris because what keeps entering my mind is the baroque stuffs and arts. Anyway, I was surprised when I heard the seiyuus do a French accent(I’m not familiar to such thing so I really don’t know if the accent is also right). I first watch the raw but I wasn’t able to understand it that much because of French XD. Considering they also did a kanji translation below, I also don’t know how to read kanji XD. Lol I suck. There was a part at the restaurant where the waiter suddenly felt disturbed about what Nodame said and I didn’t understand a hell thing so I really bothered to get a SUB! (I’m referring to what Nodame said above which I really think kind of disturbing if you said it inside a lavish restaurant)

The new characters introduced are also funny and very interesting(specially the Frank!!!). I also ignored the part above because I didn’t understand it until the fansub did their thing XD. For a thing, I don’t treat Frank as an otaku because he hardly has figmas and his room is not full of creepy doujins except only for the few posters. He even has the wrong notion of the meaning of it XD.

I’m not sure but the apartment Nodame and Chiaki occupies reeks of music students. I’m not sure if the apartment is exclusively for music students only. Nodame sure improved on her skills for a short period of time.

I was able to fully enjoy the anime because there was a group who finally picked it up. Yay for BSS!~ I was amazed that they were able to transcribe the French expressions and even translated for a short period of time. I hope they continue the project. The french expressions are sometimes annoying but I guess I’ll get use to it. Anyway, Chiaki and Nodame, please go back to Japon!~ lolz,,, It’s really awkward to hear French at times…

Okay, in short, I liked the anime. The OP sequence of the anime is also good. The only thing I’m sad and disappointed in the anime is that I won’t see (anymore?) the characters from Japan… J.C. Staff have also already announced that they’ll only make 11 episodes for the Paris Chapter. I don’t know why so short and I haven’t read the manga either but I hope there would still be a next season to be aired.

I miss Mine and Masumi-chan!

-I’ll post an entry about Jigoku Shojou: Mitsuganae next time. I have watch its raw and no fansub group has picked it up yet. The probable date for the impressions is Thursday this week.-

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says: October 14, 20089:25 am
  2. Hoshi says: October 15, 200812:23 pm

    Gotta say, I love it whenever Chiaki goes berserk on someone. Like when that Russian student was playing, and Chiaki pointed out all her mistakes. Ever so blunt, he is. 😛

  3. char says: October 22, 20084:46 am

    I only watched the JDrama. Tried watching the first ep of this on youtube but it doesn’t have the same punch for me as the drama. You should try watching it ^_^ It’s what got me watching jdrama.


  4. jitensha says: October 24, 20084:03 pm

    Is that so? I find the jdrama so cheesy XD.. I guess I’ll try to watch it.

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