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Tales of the Abyss [I’ve just seen what I saw on the PS2]

Okay, I’ve just experienced being disappointed on watching World Destruction because it didn’t came good as what I am expecting. Anyway,— Tales of Abyss. I’ve played a VERY LITTLE part on this game. I saw the first part unveiled in front of my eyes just as what happened on the PS2. What I remember happened was — The practice of Luke and Sir Van when Tear suddenly intervened and suddenly attacked Sir Van. The melody played on the anime was also the same with the melody played on the RPG.
Even so, I don’t remember any scene such as the thing on the left and all that stuff including the “Fon-Fon” stuffs. I don’t even remember the name of the place being mentioned (Malkuth and Kimlasca) not until I researched for it XD. I also don’t remember Luke having such amnesiac tendencies that partially forced him to write a diary for the journey. I also don’t remember any encounters with Jade and Anise early on the journey because the carriage didn’t encounter Tartarus. Fon Master Ion really is on the Engeve just like on the anime and he was really reported missing. Ion-sama also went to the Cheagle Forest on his own but I remember him having a total faint and not being just weakened by the Daath Fonic Artes he did. Lol, I’m using terminologies here that I also don’t know, anyway, just consult the Wikipedia for unfamiliar words such the Fonic stuffs but as far I’ve researched, Daath Fonic Artes is Ion’s specialty. Sadly, after the turn of events of having Ion fainted on the Cheagle Forest, I don’t know anymore what happened next. I also don’t remember seeing Guy but I think I had a glance of Natalia on a scene on a boat XD. Whatever guys, I think I’ll try to finish up the game once I had my hands again on the PS2.

As far as the anime has progressed, I think I enjoyed it because I remember some of the familiar scenes from the game and it made me feel nostalgic during the times my PS2 is still around XD. The game also reused the game’s opening theme 「Karma」by Bump of Chicken. I hope the good impression continues on. But for sure, Tale of the Abyss is already included in my watch list this fall. I was irresolute at first whether I should pick it up or not but I gambled myself and decided to do so. I hope I won’t lose my bet XD. They said the anime has a different plot but I really don’t know what happened on the game itself although I know several spoilers already that might probably be shown on the anime. I also did saw Mieu but he wasn’t so maltreated on the game unlike on the anime.

The anime is not so watcher-friendly and does care whether you played the game or not but I guess it could fulfill anyone’s hunger for action, monster fights, magics, fantasy and adventure. There are several terminologies solely found on the game such as the “fon-fon” stuffs I mentioned earlier so I advise certain research for the anime but also be careful of unwanted spoilers.

I’ll be just watching all RPG-anime adaptation and I won’t be satisfied until I find something that is noteworthy as the game itself. I hope it would be this one.

[Note: I’m not really sure of what I’ve said about the game because I forgot some of the information during the course of the game, considering me and my brother just tested it out and never continued playing it again. If you played the game and what I’ve said is an utter wrong. Please point it out for me.][My note only concerns 2nd paragraph.]

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says: October 11, 20088:29 pm

    So this is a game? Then made into an anime?

  2. jitensha says: October 11, 200810:04 pm

    It certainly is. 🙂

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