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Clannad ~After Story~ [The Return]

I’ve only watched Clannad this summer. It was during Code Geass R2 that I watched it so what happened before is still fresh on my mind with all the dango stuff and the Fuko starfish figma merchandise. I don’t actually identify Clannad as something that great because I also witness Kanon and Air before this show and it actually got come of it’s concept. For that, I’m not so expecting a different thing from the mysteries, comedies, idiosyncracies up to tear jerkers. Still, I hate to say it but I grew to like KyoAni’s shows such as what I’ve said (Air, Kanon and also Haruhi and Lucky Star). Well yeah, for the love of KyoAni! I’ll be watching this show!~

Okay, here we go again, all characters from the first season is returning except Fuko… Clannad immediately pulled up it’s ace to attract audience this time by putting up a baseball match. “You’re dead guys”, said I, while having Tomoyo on my mind. Tomoyo and Kyou are definitely invincible in terms of any sports so even the opponents are from Koushien, our girls would certainly win. The first episode is way too predictable since most animes with this kind of episode often have the protagonists win even though they have the slightest chance of winning. In the Clannad universe(including Air’s and Kanon’s), miracles are possible so Tomoya hit the ball and assured their win in the end. One of the often scenes, the klutz-s of the group (specifically Nagisa and Kotomi) would always end up being a dead weight at first but then they would hit the ball miraculously in the end and even make the team score. The experienced one always end up being a failure(Sunohara). One of the recruits would overwhelm the team by doing a home run even though she is hardly experienced(Tomoyo).

Kotomi’s antics are really funny. I lol’ed right after I saw all that statistics flung on my LCD XD. I was like — O yeah, that’s the genius for you (even though I wasn’t really expecting she’d hit the ball). Misae-san is also pretty sporty doing that pose from Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo for the love of parody.

I enjoyed the episode so far even though it was a bit insipid. I really expect this anime to turn out as a drama on the middle part so maybe I’ll be just observing the development. I hope it is deserving for a set of tissues. Also, I hope Fuko just rise up from that bed. For now, that’s the first impressions and thoughts. Hope this will turn out good like the first!

  1. kanzeon says: October 5, 200812:14 am

    Yeah, I also can’t wait for the dramatic part. I already prepared boxes of tissues on my cabinet, to be prepared anytime 😉

  2. blitzero21 says: October 6, 200811:16 am

    Well I did notice someone in the OP who I think looks like Fuuko and everyone else that’s commented seems that it’s a strong possibility it’s her. Just check out my blog to see the screenshot i posted

  3. blissmo says: October 8, 20081:09 pm

    I haven’t seen this yet, but I never really liked CLANNAD anyway. I mean, it’s cute, but not my cup of tea

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