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Toradora! [First Impressions!]

I thought it has a very serious nature because of the introduction of the characters. For some reasons, I was engulfed by the introduction of the show especially by the words they spoke.

I have to agree that Kugimiya Rie fits the character because Aisaka really is tsundere in nature.

I think I like the introduction of the show. I really don’t know the plot because I don’t have any access to the Light Novel but just like Omni-senpai said from his preview for the animes this fall, It might just be the “next Haruhi.” I hope this show don’t mess up just like Zero no Tsukaima. I wasn’t really interested to this show at first because it might be just like Louise and Saito — Considering J.C Staff also did the production.

Since the intoduction is okay, I think I’ll continue to watch it. I don’t have clues what the Light Novel is all about but the plot for me is so indecisive except fot the information that Ryuuji will be an another Bakainu for Louise – er, I mean Aisaka. I hope this pass my expectations since it is branded as the “next Haruhi”.

Aisaka is more violent than your Haruhi. She is definitely a tsundere. She is also dumb, irrational and hot-tempered. Her appearance is so deceiving and yeah, you’ll mistook her as a doll but not really… She doesn’t look like so fit and strong but she made Ryuugi budge a little when they ran into each other.

She is so demanding. She might also be difficult to please but her heart is also easy to melt though she responses violently just so to hide her gentle side. Expect what from tsunderes?

Meanwhile, our male protagonist suffers from misunderstanding of his classmates as someone who is a delinquent. He got his facial features from his father who already died. I suspect his father is a member of a yakuza and her mother is just some sort of a cabaret girl… He is your ordinary high school guy with no motives at all in life but suddenly got involved with your female tsundere who is desperate to get a love interest.

He acts like a bachelor because his mother is always out for her “customers” (yah know–). He knows how to cook and clean your dirty kitchen. He tries to be stylish but it isn’t just probable due to his “as-if-he’s-gonna-eat-someone face.”

If I have to compare this to other animes I have watched before, what comes in my mind is School Rumble. It’s always been a love confession, a love letter to be handed that always result to failure. The protagonist then needs some support from his/her friends but this supporter somehow ended up having a crush as well. Something like that—, I hope the plot is not sooo like your typical high school life anime.

  1. kairukun says: October 4, 200810:01 am

    ohgawd. another ToraDora blog entry. this must be a sign that i NEED to watch this. XD

  2. yoroshiku anime blog says: October 4, 20081:16 pm

    Toradora: Episode 1…

    I usually dont watch animes which are still airing. But since I got curious on this anime and I thought it would be fun. And after reading all that Toradora first impressions anime blog entries, I gave it a try.

    So.. she is her… MOM?!
    So this is an…

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