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Stand by me. (Birdy Decode EP 13)

I don’t know but it seems that the animes I pick are rarely picked by the biggest blogosphere people.

Okay, I’ve been interested to this show ever since I saw Tsutomu slowly perished right after Birdy mistook him as the target. And the *poof!* he became the buddy of Birdy. The name of the anime is just so awkward. I don’t know why they named it this way… Anyway, I discovered that this anime is really just an OVA but Aniplex decided to do an alternative retelling of its story.

It didn’t have any of that impression to me that would be remebered so much but I enjoyed watching it. It has the android people you see everywhere but I liked the concept of having two minds at the same time. I didn’t liked how they disposed Tute from the show when he is the only comic relief at times.

I was really really glad when Shyamalan died 😀 . He is just an Aizen-copycat. His idea is just out of nowhere. I really don’t know what is his origin but he certainly is not an ordinary human. Even so, I shouted “beh!” when I heard the crackling noise while he is staring to Nakasugi being taken over by the Ryunka herself.

The ending is still vague for me. I thought Nakasugi was revived because the Ryunka lived inside her. Therefore, if the Ryunka would be extracted from her- she would die. But that didn’t happen on the show. Instead, it was able to transfer to Tsutomu that easily just by kissing Nakasugi. Same as the first encounter of Birdy and Tsutomu, he died again so that the Ryunka would be captured. I was surprised when I saw Nejula did some Kekkaishi thing on the Ryunka. Also, I don’t know why Nejula didn’t subjugated the Federation dog who helped Shyamalan. By the way, I thought Nakasugi was her during the first episodes she suddenly came back to life.

I’m looking forward to the 2nd season but I think it is still yet to be announced when it would be airing again.

I’ll rate this anime 8/10. It is not so great and doesn’t have that original idea of having android and other galaxies exist but it is fun to watch and it certainly followed its plot without any garbage background and other junks added to it. Every episode has an encounter to Ryunka so you’ll get lost if you happen to miss an episode. The graphics and animation is… so-so. Birdy is almost like a ninja but I didn’t liked how she hovers through the air. Also, I liked the opening theme. The character development is good I guess but TsutomuxSayaka didn’t happened because she lost her memories right after she became the host for the Ryunka… I don’t know if the sequel will dispose of her appearance because she doesn’t serve any purpose anymore.

  1. kairukun says: October 2, 20089:53 am

    “I don’t know but it seems that the animes I pick are rarely picked by the biggest blogosphere people.”

    ~ yes. I noticed that too. I didnt even know that Tsutomu exists as an anime O_O

  2. VoidsOftheNight says: October 4, 20087:25 pm

    I really love this series and i think the ending gives space for the upcoming 2nd series. I don’t know but i didn’t really like the tsutomuXsayaka pairing. i still love BirdyXtsutomu best! XD

  3. jitensha says: October 4, 20087:34 pm

    I also like this series but I hear murmurs everywhere that the original OVA is better than the series. I think I should check that.

  4. jitensha says: October 4, 20087:36 pm

    By the way Kairu-kun, Tetsuwan Birdy Decode is the title not Tsutomu XD. Tsutomu is the name of the male protagonist.

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