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World Destruction- or Not? EP 13[Final]

Okay guys, this is it. I finished World Destruction at last after all the spin-off and team rocket pursuit. It’s been a long journey and now I know the secret behind the Destruct Code. I don’t know if the story applies as well with the Michibikareshi one but I really think so that it is not.

World Destruction has been a very intriguing series for me right after I heard its news having the staff of some SquarEnix. I also stated in my first post that I was hoping it would not result into a garbage like the Chrono Trigger OVA – Nuumamonja. I had a great expectation of this anime because of that. Considering World Destruction did all the advertisement just to sell the game namely having a spin-off anime, a comic and of course the game all at the same time, the attention has never been focused to this anime because of its mediocrity as the others say. The game was interesting when I saw its trailer so I think the anime would be awesome as well. Well, unlike the avid anime watchers, I’ve only experienced watching one anime that is an adaptation of a RPG and that is Final Fantasy Unlimited which I see as something not so great compared to the very game itself. I believe many watchers based their expectation to the other anime-rpg projects because — Yeah, I admit it as well, there is no RPG anime adaptation that is successful yet in garnering the the expected high ratings as compared to the game

Maybe I haven’t posted any episode reviews yet about the anime but I’d say episode 12 is the only story developer of all the episodes. I heard many viewers dropped the show or almost, just like kanzeon because they found the protagonist worthless. After watching episode 13, I’m afraid they have to rethink what they’ve just said about him. I also used to talk about the mystery of the Destruct Code on my previous post. I’ve been observing it and I always find the episode irrelevant with the activation of the Destruct Code. Well, episode 13 reveals the purpose of the Black Orb and explains why the Destruct Code lit only once ever on the show. Well, if you guys want the spoilers then I have no choice but to tell it. The Black Orb, which Morte mistook as the Destruct Code is actually just a key for the activation of the true Destruct Code. The Black Orb serves as the key in which the Destruct Code will grant the wish of what the beholder wants to happen. As for Morte, she wanted World Destruction. Thus, the Destruct Code will grant it. Morte’s wish has been accepted the moment the Black Orb glowed with all that green light, and numerous eyes. – This explains the reason why it only glowed once while Kyrie is around.

I’ve also found Kyrie’s memory flashback about Morte and Reiben weird. It’s as if he had seen it on his own eyes. As for Reiben’s relation with Kyrie, Reiben claimed that he find the Destruct Code before he died. He actually did, and it was— Kyrie. Episode 12 shows a preview about Kyrie’s past memory having a pinkish hair. It was actually his true appearance as the Destruct Code. The Black Orb also originally belongs to him and serve as his memory for the past years he had lived as the Destruct Code. I don’t exactly know the reason why he became the blonde Kyrie when he touched the Black Orb.

I was astonished by Kyrie’s power because it almost looked like Ultima 4. The difference though is- the one who’s gonna touch it will become sand.

The ending is not soo expected for my perception having Morte and Kyrie paired up as a couple XD… I guess Naja and Lia never became an official World Destruction Committee member as well but they became part of the good guys in the end. Conveniently, Agan is there again just for the transportation services. Toppi is still the badass of the anime and tried to look cool at the end of the show – kuma.

And that’s it! If I were to watch this anime. I only recommend to what 5 episodes out of 13. I can’t pin point the episode numbers but that’s how the anime goes. They should have done an OVA instead, no? They should have gotten a higher ratings if only they didn’t include some junks in the anime.

Final Thoughts—

It’s a spin-off and I realized a little bit late so I was kind of disappointed during some of the episodes. I only became interested right on the ep. 12 because the mysteries are about to be disclosed eventually… If I have to rate this anime, then it’s 7/10. It’s not so good than you’re Code Geass but I think it is a good comic relief anime even though the title is very misleading that it is something so gallant.

I really hope that the game has a better plot development than this anime.

I watched the raw streamed but I’m confident that about 70% of what I heard is correct and I understood. I’ll post some caps later.

  1. kanzeon says: October 3, 20089:59 pm

    Me too.. I dropped this a few eps then after reading a few blogs, I picked it up again on episode 12. Now I have to re-watch the whole thing again.

  2. kanzeon says: October 3, 200810:03 pm

    I mean, I agree that it became good on episode 12. Sorry for double posting ^_^

  3. jitensha says: October 3, 200810:37 pm

    It’s ok~. Episode 6 already hinted about Kyrie’s true nature but the doctor didn’t revealed it XD.

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