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I really didn’t watched any of the Macross until I came across this one. I decided to watch this because Omni-senpai seems to like it and Sheryl caught my attention. As I, together with my brother, downloaded the subs of Aone-Gekkostate-Menclave, we waited… and waited until they released the episode 5 but we didn’t control our patience anymore because nothing is coming out anymore and dig in with gg’s. We actually tried to watch it first at crunchyroll but it became more and more crappy because it was too late until we realized that the subs were Babelfish~ed. Lol XD

Yay for Macross Frontier. It was a great ending. I’ve been envy to Omni-senpai ever since Friday because he was able to immediately watch it XD. It took me today just to watch it because the release just came yesterday.

I don’t know what happened to Sheryl when her “natural hair” turned into a brownish one. But one thing I’m sure is Sheryl won’t die anymore from the V-Virus because the virus itself have been gone to her womb as well just like Ranka’s. The new earth is just so fabulous with all those scale-like rings.

I really really like the episode because it featured almost all of Macross songs. The song is also sync with the battle so it is very fun to watch with all that Northen Star and Lion XD. sugoi sugoi sugoi. The ending is just epic. Ai-kun also became a fabulous glowing firefly across the galaxy although I’m not so impressed because its ugly XD. I was also confused when Brera said to aim for the head when he also said that they communicate through abdomen. I don’t get the logic — Shouldn’t Alto shoot the abdomen instead of the head??? Oh Wahtever, as long as Grace died >:)

I don’t see any purpose for the barrier around the islands to be still around. It is also kind of stupid to land on the water when the land is so vast XD.

I’m expecting a lot on the movie!!! Haha, I guess they didn’t make the story tragic in order to make the Macross series still perpetual. I really thought they’ll kill someone just like the other mecha shows such as Code Geass and Gundam XP (or to sum up = Sunrise)

Happy ending ~ The ending though is an open ending XD. I don’t care anymore who ends up together… I’m happy that they were all able to survive all. Too bad Michael is the only one who died…

I really appreciate this show. Maybe it is a sequel to the robot stuff I didn’t care less when I was still a child but it is superb. Maybe what made its ratings low is it’s sci-fi concept. I actually intended to make an entry entitled “How the hell sound travel across the space?” but decided not to. The Vajra plot is also confusing because I heard my brother said that it seems every Macross series have a specific “species villain” that they have to defeat in order for humans to continue their existence in the Macross’ universe. Therefore, having Vajras is not so surprising.

If Earth would be destroyed and humans were able to find such a pretty planet such as this, I’ll really really reset my life into nourishing mother earth. It would be a waste if the second chance you were given to would also be taken for granted. I hope the same applies to the people in the Macross’ universe. (daydreaming mode) – But I’m serious XD

See you next deculture~! XD

  1. blissmo says: September 28, 20084:19 pm

    The ending left an impression of a happy threesome ending

  2. jitensha says: September 28, 20086:12 pm

    I don’t care anymore who gets together XD. I don’t wanna see anyone sad among the three of them.

  3. kanzeon says: September 28, 20086:27 pm

    I love the ending (btw, I watched it in raw so I could only understand like, 20% of what they’re saying but I’ll watch it again on subs ^_^)…

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