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Lucky☆Star! OVA

Aside from normal shows, I’m also expecting this OVA! I’m a huge fan of Kagami so I wanna see her again.

Well, the story really focuses on the four girls but it is kind of sad because the other 6 where set aside on the OVA. Yutaka and others had an extremely limited appearance in the anime.

The MMORPG part of the OVA rocks! It makes me nostalgic of my experiences when I was also once a newbie. Tsukasa reminded me of myself when I tried to play Ragnarok the first time. I didn’t know how to sit. Thus, I’m waiting idle long enough just to replenish my hp XD. lulz. I also had a hard time picking on enemies. I remember getting on the map on the north of Prontera, the forest of Mandragoras and died there. I was shokku  T_T and stared at my character lying on the ground. By the way, what a coincidence~ I also used to be a Healer! Go Kagamin~.

Hahaha, Argh, I miss playing MMORPGs sooo much if only I had the time on my hands (and of course the money to buy the game cards) … Wah, I hate this… I miss my game account and I don’t know if it is still existing. I have already forgotten as well the joy of playing together with your classmates and playmates… huhuhu

Tsukasa made my day. She was really funny. I almost died of laughter when she slammed her face to the net. I can’t help it but laugh at her idiocy. The atmosphere is really serious during the game and I– I… burst out my laugh when it happened XD. It’s definitely the best part of the OVA.

  1. kairukun says: September 28, 20087:12 pm

    ohwow. This is like the 1000 times ive seen a Lucky Star OVA blog entry..

    It gives me the urge to watch it.. So now im watching it. And finally, after that loooong search of subbed LC OVA, I got to see one! Whew~!

  2. yoroshiku anime blog says: October 2, 20089:52 am

    Lucky Star OVA…

    After that not so long wait, the Lucky Star OVA is finally out! Whew! But seriously, I got a hard time looking for a subbed video for this one. I’ve done hours of searching just to watch this animu. So after that long searching, I found one. (Fi…

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