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World Destruction – They are comrades after all

Okay, I thought Ria and Naja would remain enemies for the whole time since the anime is just a spin off of the game.

It is already past 3/4s of the anime so I think my expectation was very high of this anime that it became worthless at all for me. Even so, I’d like too see it until the end. I’m not very contented with the anime. If ever they would release an international one for World Destruction —on any consoles I think I’d rather play that in order to find out what really is the true plot.

I once read a comment in 4chan that whenever they see Naja and Ria, they remember the Team Rocket which futilely pursues Ash and company — which I think is true for these two. They always come across the three but they are always outwitted by them. It was always boring whenever these two shows. The show becomes so insipid that you could tell that Morte and the company would be able to escape and the two will continue the endless pursuit again. I could only name at least 3 episodes where I enjoyed watching World Destruction. Even so, I think it just became 4 because of the latest episode 11 which features a battle between Morte and Ria. I think the pursuit for the three of them just became sensible on that episode. I also learned why Ria and Naja is stuck on that useless committee when the game says that they are comrades.

I’ve been doubting these series in the first place because there were so many attempts to make anime series out of many RPGs that failed. Well, It’s for the Production I.G. and Sega to decide whether they did a good thing for doing an anime for this RPG. Of course, if the anime tells of the story of the RPG, buyers would be lessen. That’s why they did a spin-off which I didn’t realized earlier. I’m really curious when the game claimed that Kyrie holds the power and key to the Destruct Code when nothing happens on the anime except for the first time. Kyrie is also very useless that he can’t even hold knife to fend enemies. If he is the hero of the RPG and the anime depicts this, I really really doubt if something good will come out of this. Especially when only 2 episodes remains before the anime retires.

I actually planned to do a episodic blogging for this anime since many anime bloggers seems not interested about it. Looks like it also happened to me. The fansubbers are also limited so I quit the idea.

My blog has received many search pings about this anime so I think I should still focus some of my attention to it so readers would know what I felt during and maybe after I watch this anime.

Toppi has really gain a popularity because of this anime because of -kuma idiosyncrasy. He’s name actually became a tag to search the anime in anidb.net.

Well just an additional info, Morte means death. lol

  1. kanzeon says: September 23, 20087:22 pm

    I also thought that Nia and Raja were like Team Rocket (I mentioned it on one of my WD posts) from the start. I ‘dropped’ this show because I thought at first that it would be romantic (I’m a sucker for romance ^_^) but I’m disappointed that all I saw was Kyrie’s stupidity T.T

    P.S. – I love Kuma by the way-kuma 🙂

  2. jitensha says: September 23, 200811:53 pm

    Haha, what made me think this anime would be great was the staff! I thought it would really work with all that great seiyuus and production i.g… but what I get was something similar to Nuumamonja XD.

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