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I haven’t blogged a lot lately because of priorities I have to set in doing my college stuffs. Anyway, since I have given the spare time to do this. I have to do this entry because I haven’t spend too much entry about Macross Frontier. I was always like –“omg, Michael died” and “yes! Alto has been shot down”. Lol, I grew to hate Alto these days because I don’t see any consistency with regards to his love affair. I also grew empathetic with Sheryl’s status considering I hate her when I first saw her. I’ve been messed up by this show… Luca who seems to be very relaxed and care free during the first episodes also became mentally disturbed because of all the fold quartz stuff. Meanwhile, Grace is still the ever-villain of the show. I found myself in a trap when I saw the cute Ai-kun transformed into a Vajra T_T.

The love triangle became so vague after Ranka decided to go to the Vajra’s Planet. I was like – yes, at last I think Vajra’s would go to the very farthest corners of the universe and leave the Frontier— eventually, peace and that is the end of the show. But because of the latest obstacle Grace had presented, I less likely think that Ranka and Alto will still end up. Instead of negotiation and Ai-kun’s return to the planet, Ranka got caught up in a very serious matter which I think will end up by sacrificing herself just for Alto and the others to continue living.

I also expect Sheryl to die. I don’t really think that she could still be cleansed off. Also, even if it is SherylxAlto end, I doubt Sheryl would let them have a child because of the virus. Which is I think the reason why she always chase away Alto. If Ranka could still be saved, I really really think Sheryl would gave Alto up.

What still figures in me is— If Ranka, Brera and the company came from the Vajra’s Planet(which is depicted on the scene where young Ranka sings Aimo) how the hell did they be able to mount inside the 117th Researh Fleet? Like, without any inspection they just allowed them to aboard the fleet?— Or by any chance, Vajra’s were not yet around? huh??? Then where the hell did they got the virus?

I’m contradicting myself here no? I said Ranka might sacrifice herself, and Sheryl might not accept Alto because of her condition. I don’t really see what will happen to Alto(maybe he’ll return to being Alto-hime XD ) or maybe this anime will just have a tragic ending, it is a battle for survival after all. (like— the end of the whole macross series because the whole mankind will die?) hope not.

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