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My Latest Craze: Detective Conan

shounen tanteiYeah right, of all animes… I don’t know why but I happened to be interested on it after watching few episodes from Animax again (yes, i’ve been a fan of this anime but I didn’t had the opportunity to finish it because I didn’t know that it is stll ongoing) The last thing I heard about it before I rewatched it was — its episodes are keeping up with Pokemon (meaning to say, it goes 300++) and now it is about 500 episodes with several special episodes(sometimes 50 min. and few 150/133 minutes).

Well, I have to admit that the episodes are boring at times because of same old tricks, predictable and insipid flow of events. I’m just keeping up with it as well because what I just want to watch are the tricks and how they are done. It also a nice brain teaser so I can say it’s a nice interactive anime if you do so think as well who the murderer is and how s/he did the crime.

My favorite episodes are always the episodes whenever the Shounen Tantei-dan is on action. Sadly, the fansubbers are disregarding these episodes because they could be treated as a filler to the main plot of the story, that is- the pursuit for the Black Organization. *sigh* I wish I could learn more japanese so that I won’t have to depend on the fansubs anymore. Anyway, I don’t know why they are skipping many episodes… Many download-ers, such as me, archives the files… If there would be some missing episodes… then that is horrible. I won’t be able to burn the next set/season for the anime. For the mean time, I won’t be downloading any files and watch it through streaming at this link.

Too much detective stuff and I might become a mystery geek like Shinichi. I’ve also been inspired by Detective Conan to read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stuff. I had just bought the book(though it is Volume 2 so I still have to look for Volume 1) last week 😛 . I was actually planning to buy “Like a Flowing River” by Paulo Coelho but instinctively disturbed by the fact that I’ve just finished watching Detective Conan Movie 6: The Phantom of the Baker Street which has the setting of Victorian London.

I have watched already (through skipping) the whole Black Organization arcs(but not the whole series because of too much missing episodes…). Thanks for the DCTP because they are still working on it. Many fansubbing groups have already given up… If all quits, I’ll be forced to read the manga… Hope that DCTP would release the Movie 12 soon 😀

I don’t know why Kaitou Kid has sooo many fans lol. I don’t actually like him. He’s more arrogant than Shin.

I think I shall posts entries about the movies of DC.

  1. hazy says: September 23, 200810:20 pm

    Sherlock Holmes rocks! I hope I had great deduction skills like him. I’m a mystery buff, hence my fondness for everything DC. I especially like the Black Org arcs and the side story of Takagi x Satou. An episode with Heiji = win too. ^_^

  2. jitensha says: September 23, 200810:52 pm

    yeah. I hope so. I have read the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes so far and I sometimes get lost wondering how the hell did he figured that out. lol

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