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I’m repairing my subdomain system because I’m planning to seperate my anime blog with the personal blog. Also, my finals is approaching so I guess I’ll take a break this August. >be back at september< I’ll just do some post stamp edits to fill up my absences 😛

  1. Humane says: August 10, 20087:18 pm

    That’s quite a long hiatus (a month already!). Did your mates even say goodbye?

    Tsk tsk. I shal reprimand them for you.

    Good blog.

  2. blissmo says: August 10, 20088:20 pm

    Until September? That’s when it’s my birthday 😀

  3. jitensha says: August 11, 200812:03 pm

    Thanks for the complement Humane.

    @blissmo – I’m sure I’ll be back at September

  4. ana says: August 14, 20089:08 am

    w00t. imma miss you dude. 😛

  5. ana says: September 2, 20089:13 am

    yo! it’s september already! =))

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