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Moribito Series -I wanna get hold of it!-

BalsaYeah right, as if I’m a bibliophile. But I’m not. But I feel good when I’m surrounded by books. I’m not so much into reading books though. As far as I know I can count the books I have finished reading in my hands XD. BUT! If its fiction and anime-related I think(yes, I’m very motivated) I can read and finish it.

Moribito series were first published as literature materials for the children because it is a great example of book that could drag you in the flow of the story. The thing is, the story itself is just too fantastic for the kids, it had many adult fans so I guess this can be put to the category “I’m so lazy to read it so please turn it to an anime”. Geez, even I admits that it is boring to read books especially when they are way too predictable. Well, I guess  this one is different. It falls under historical fantasy. It maybe fiction, but the author’s brilliant ideas makes it as if it really happened. The parallel universe concept of the story also intrigues me a lot because I rarely see stories that uses it because it’s way toooo fiction so I think I’ll recognize it for that.

It also very enjoyable because Balsa embarks on a journey. Journey/Adventure animes are always whimsical because you don’t know what happens next. I grew to like InuYasha(even though it has many episodes) because of its adventure as well. Balsa is same in that way but also different. She didn’t embark on a journey to battle ugly monsters just to defeat the wicked boss at the end(I’m referring to Naraku). Because it is historical fantasy, there are overflowing ideas of the author that is shown in the story. I don’t even know if it is true or not(or do I even care). I just love how the story goes.

I really want to read the books if ever they just made the first volume in order to made some advertisement for the book. Uhm, I guess even if they made the anime for all the Moribito series, I still prefer to keep the books because I bet it contains some information that is different from the anime!~ Then, I’ll be able to criticize if the anime is of the same level as the book. Sounds fun right~ I find this enjoyable because I occassionaly keep an eye to books. I already said to my brother that I want a copy so I think I’ll be expecting it this year! I hope my brother would give an effort to look for the book…

By the way, I’m not expecting for the whole series of the book. I think the first volume is the only one translated so far (Seirei no Moribito).

  1. hazy says: September 23, 20089:41 pm

    I loved the anime series. I like reading too so I was psyched when I learned that the first novel was gonna be translated to English. I’ve been hounding the local bookstores for this book since June, but they said they don’t have it (not sure if they have it now). I gave up and asked my friend in the US to buy me a copy instead. xD

  2. jitensha says: September 23, 200810:54 pm

    Me too XD . I asked my brother in Singapore.

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