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Kure-nai -Feminist?-


And yes… I have finished Kure-nai because I was intrigued when I saw it weeks ago on several anime blogs.
This anime is sooo great! I become so compulsive to dug up my 4th year high school stuffs again because I remember similar piece with the anime. I dug all my stuffs. It is included in a special volume of our hand-outs. But I didn’t found it >_< I was so agitated why the heck I lost it. I was so desperate that I even ask my former classmate if she still remember where she kept it and if she could scan it for me… But she doesn’t remember 🙁 . It was until I researched in the internet. I realized that it was in Tagalog! How am I suppose to post it as an entry if only few people could understand it XD. By the way, the piece I’ve been searching is titled(somehow~ I can’t remember the exact title) Liham ni Estella Zeehandelaar — In English, A Letter from Estella Zeehandelaar (something like that~ but I’m sure with the person’s name) and the author is Raden Ayu Kartini.

I can really relate with the setting of the anime because we have had studied it on one of our subjects during high school, this “evil tradition” to seclude women of certain countries from the outside world. Well, it was just great that I have to blog it. I was kind of searching for this kind of animes to gather and collect animes that can proof that animes are not worthless stuffs. It is good that I found an anime that I could relate with pieces that deals Feminism.

The ending of both the anime and the piece I’ve read is nearly the same. They both didn’t reached this so-called freedom that they say but they are trying their best in order to break the chains and discard this evil tradition of them. It is just very Feminist right?(Considering that the author is male). Their motive as well is to find someone that they could truly love and not someone that was picked for them. By the way, the setting of the piece I mentioned is in Indonesia. I don’t know if traditions like that also exists on Japan. The difference is just, the woman on the piece got no any bodyguard. She is locked on the room since the day she turned 16.

Feminism was also shown through Tamaki, Yayoi and Benika of course. It really is very visible(having just a one male character). It was just annoying that the female lead has to be a child(unwanted pedos are also lured -_-).

The story must have been more realistic without the “horn”/”spike” that comes out every now and then. Just that. I didn’t say that it ruined the show but it would be more awesome if it is more realistic without the ninja stuff. It satisfied my hunger for action. The 720 degrees kicks are just cool@! I don’t know why Shinkurou is often depicted as weak when he is very strong with that kind of martial art.

  1. blissmo says: July 24, 20083:50 pm

    I think I stopped watching this series, but yes, I was really intrigued by the unique art style XD

  2. izakaya-tsukiyomi says: August 30, 20084:39 am

    hei.. i think you can help us for we have this damn thing as our topic for this quarter.

  3. VoidsOftheNight says: October 4, 20088:01 pm

    Benika from the pic kinda reminded me of Balalaika from Black lagoon and also one of the episode where Revy and this maid were fighting. XD (i’m not sure if you’re familiar with Black Lagoon but its a good series!)

  4. jitensha says: October 4, 20088:06 pm

    Their names even rhyme XD. Well, I actually didn’t watched it. Is it really good? I find several blogs excited when they heard Black Lagoon would be having a third installment.

  5. VoidsOftheNight says: October 5, 200810:25 pm

    I’d say its really good. Well, that is if you like gunfights and underworld anime and such. If you ask me it has its own charm which made me watch the whole series and wanting more XD

  6. jitensha says: October 5, 200811:13 pm

    I think I’d give it a try. I have seen its first episode but it didn’t have any eye-catching or interesting things so I thought it is just your normal action-packed anime. If the third series make a good hit, I’ll be watching it. or maybe I’ll watch it a lil earlier so I could ride in the same boat with everyone once the third installment begins its airing.

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