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This is the first time for me to blog about Macross Frontier even though I have watched it since it’s premier. It’s just that I didn’t watch the previous seasons of Macross.

I didn’t liked the first part of the episode because all they did was to recapitulate what happened so far. Good thing there were songs that didn’t make me bored. So far, it really is puzzling and I like animes like these. There are so many mysteries that awaits to be disclosed. By the way, Grace became the leader of Sheryl’s new project[does that mean Sheryl was dumped? *hehe* go Ranka!!!]. I almost forgot that this series is Macross, a MECHA anime. It almost looked to me as if its a musical anime. Even so, it’s great.

This episode is very hilarious. I did saw Ranka and Sheryl in a showdown! Haha, this episode is cool. Ranka seems to have grown her confidence ever since she was discovered. I emphatize Alto because he has to choose between the two ladies. By the way, quality check, Sheryl looks like a zombie at the hospital.

I haven’t notice that the full version of the song “What ’bout my star? @Formo” also includes May’n if not for this episode. I realized that it really is not Nakajima Megumi’s voice only. The production of this anime seems very expensive. I love the songs that Kanno Yoko makes. The Aimo thing is the only thing very unclear for me because it is Russian. I also kind of annoyed by the song with the lyrics “…Sheryl on stage…” What the hell was that? May’n’s gonna say that in a live performance? XD Better not… Or maybe she could do a cosplay of Sheryl while singing it so that it wouldn’t sound awkward. It would look awkward though 😛

I don’t know who makes the choreography of Sheryl and Ranka but it is fun to watch. First, I was kind of searching what the hell is that “nyan nyan” thing… then here goes “kyun kyun” and lastly the “Kirah!” stuff.

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  1. blissmo says: July 20, 20088:17 pm

    I also really enjoyed this episode (the second half) and seeing both Ranka and Sheryl get jealous was hilarious!

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