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Asuna’s True Identity

asunaAsuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia.

Yes, Now I’m contented that what happened with the first Mahou Sensei Negima anime was wrong. Really wrong. It was just confirmed that Asuna was once a princess. To be clear, she is the Twilight Imperial Princess of Ostia in the Magic World. Her ability to cancel magic is innate[Chapter 220]. It was NEVER granted by any demon [according to the 1st anime].

I surmise that she was the one that triggered the radicals in the Magic World to take action. She holds a mysterious power that could threaten the Magic World. In that case, she must be the target of the enemies that Ala Rubra fought. Based on Rakan’s explanation to Negi, even though Nagi is regarded as a hero who stopped the “rebels”, it looks like they failed to protect Asuna’s origin/ the floating ruins of Ostia.

I don’t know the reason why she forgot her memories(maybe someone did some spell on it). It was once said by Setsuna that it looks like Asuna was just remembering her fighting skills from the past. It might be true because she came from a royal family. She can now summon the true sword more often than that of the harisen during adeat after gaining some of her memories.

By the way, what happened to Anya?~ I thought I saw her with Fate. hmm… 🙄

  1. blissmo says: July 18, 20089:40 pm

    I thought Mahou Sensei Negima ended ages ago and stopped watching the anime because I didn’t like it how high school chicks were with a small kid. And Asuna a princess? I’m not surprised because I find that shows like these can just about create anything.

  2. jitensha says: July 18, 20089:46 pm

    I see, I read it because it has something to do with magic :P. It’s sad though that its animes were not the same with the manga.(maybe because of the fanservice)

    So you didn’t know that the manga existed?

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