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Gintama -A Sunrise Production?-


Hmm, probably almost anyone who watches anime knows what Sunrise is. It is an Anime Producer Company. They are very notable for their trademark works. That is MECHAS. Mechas is a genre of anime which has something to do with robots, might it be humanoid or whatever in any sense. Gundam is the very example of that they’ve done many series of Gundams already and they haven’t get tired yet of robot designs. I don’t know how they do researches but their group really is something. They can come up with something spectacular that has something to do with robots and war. Maybe these guys are just war-mongers. Code Geass on the other hand deals with rebellion. You really can notice similarity with the animes that they produce and make.

There is not mecha? Ah yes, that is InuYasha. Even so, it involves fist-fighting and “Vengeance” to Naraku. They are quite violent, no?

Anyway, let’s get to the topic. Maybe Sunrise decided to break their culture. They decided to make Code Geass because they saw Death Note relished by the viewers because of its JUSTICE concept. Now they tried to make an anime to break the ice that does parodies just like Lucky Star which grabbed many otakus out there. (not that it’s moe though.)

I’m seeing a glimpse of Gintama every now and then because my brother watches it for breaks whenever he is bored. Gintama has a very vague story line. It doesn’t have a clear plot what’s gonna happen next in the show. It is very random so I didn’t like it at first. As the show progresses/as I see few more episodes, I grew to like it because the plot line is very unpredictable. I just laugh about everything when it just doesn’t make sense anymore. The producers seems very whimsical and I was convinced by that when I watched the raw episode 50 – I guess, the episode where the characters talk of what’s gonna happen to Gintama. It was very fabulous when I saw the DragonBleaPiece part. Their parodies were blatant than any other shows, my brother and I are just surprised when there would be a different opening which was a parody.

I can say that they allocated an amount for Gintama’s production, it’s just that I feel that Sunrise is still focusing with their mecha stuffs. Right after Code Geass, Gundam 00 Season 2 would be aired. Gintama stayed too long on the production because it has an average rating and liked by hardcore fans. Not because Sunrise focus on developing it’s story line.

I don’t know if they could still fix the story line of the anime after all the parodies they’ve done. It’s very sad that comedy genre animes have good episodic plots but not for the entire anime. I hope they could end it decently just like every mecha animes they had produced.

By the way, I read this interesting article about the shortage of wooden swords sold in Hokkaido. They say that it was because of Gintoki’s popularity. It is just a possibility though because the buyers were foreigners and maybe they did buy the sword solely for the sake of souvenir for their kids at home[better than the real one].

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